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ELECTION ATTACK France election day horror as priest and nun stabbed in church by crazed knifeman shouting ‘We have to kill Macron’

An unstable knifeman attacked two people inside a French church on election day, yelling “We have to murder Macron.”

At Saint-Pierre-d’Arène church in Nice, a priest, Father Christophe, was stabbed 20 times and an old nun was stabbed in the hand trying to defend him.

A 31-year-old Frenchman from Fréjus is accused of attacking Father Christophe at 10 a.m. local time today.


ELECTION ATTACK France election


The attacker reportedly yelled “We have to murder Macron” as he struck.

The priest was critically hurt in the chest and legs.

A 72-year-old nun had her hands stabbed.

Separately, on election day, police in Paris’ 8th district denied access to a polling place after finding a potentially deadly package.

Emergency personnel carried the victims to the hospital from Saint-Pierre-d’Arène.

The suspect was apprehended soon.

According to local and official reports, the man is bipolar. No terror motive was suspected.

Nice’s mayor, Christian Estrosi, went to the site and stated the individual was unknown to cops.

He said the man had psychiatric treatment at Sainte-Marie.

Estrosi said the suspect had been detained.

On Twitter, Éric Ciotti said: “A church in Nice was attacked this morning. He’s hurt.”

He expressed solidarity with the protesters and complimented the police for their swift action.

Today, the French will vote for their next president.

Emmanuel Macron, the incumbent, and Marine Le Pen, the opposition candidate, have finished their campaigning.

On Wednesday, Mme Le Pen slammed religious costumes, stating she would outlaw Muslim headscarves.


ELECTION ATTACK France election


The results showed Macron with 59 percent of the vote, his far-right opponent with 39 percent, and 2 percent abstentions.

Macron would be re-elected for a second five-year term if the 2022 presidential election results were identical.


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