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Eiza González Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Eiza González Reyna is a popular Mexican actress and singer. She became famous for her role in Lola, érase una Vez (2007-08). She played Clara Molina in Nickelodeon’s Suea Conmigo (2010-11).

Baby Driver actress Eiza has won acclaim for her many roles. Her jaw-dropping body image also attracts fans. Here’s Eiza González’s workout routine and diet plan.

Eiza González Workout Routine 

Eiza has a global fan base on social media. She has 7.5 million Instagram followers and 1.5 million Twitter followers. Ready to read about Eiza González’s workout routine?

Eiza has a great body from rigorous exercise. She’s dedicated to fitness and figure. Eiza González’s workout routine includes exercises that tone her whole body. She enjoys cardio. Eiza works out 1 to 1.25 hours six days a week.

Eiza González’s workout routine is detailed for her fans and our readers to gain inspiration and guidance. ThenEiza González

Workout Training

To get the most out of different exercise forms, warm-up or stretch for 10 to 15 minutes.

Cardio Workouts 



  • Forward fold.
  • Shoulder bridge.
  • Rollovers.
  • Criss-cross.
  • They were kneeling side-kick.
  • Knee bends.
  • The One Hundred.
  • Hip lifts.


stretching exercises 

  • Standing Hamstring Stretch.
  • Lunge with a spinal twist.
  • Figure four stretch.
  • It seated shoulder squeeze.
  • Side bend stretch.
  • She was lunging hip flexor stretch.
  • Lying pectoral stretch.
  • Knee to chest stretch.


Yoga workouts

  • Intense Child’s pose
  • Extended shoulder rolls
  • Upward facing bow full wheel
  • Balancing on 1 leg forward bend
  • Downward facing dog pose
  • Little baby cobra pose
  • Warrior || pose
  • Triangle pose

Core Workouts


  • Single-arm press.
  • Glute bridge march.
  • Single-arm floor press dead bug.
  • Kettlebell bridge pullover.
  • KB dead bug pullover.
  • Stability ball dead bug.
  • Unilateral DB March.
  • The stability ball stirs the pot.

Sets: 3 to 4

Reps: 6 to 8

Strength Training


Upper Body workouts 

  • Incline Dumbbell presses
  • Horizontal rowing
  • Up and over shoulder press
  • Assisted pull-ups and dips
  • Lat pulldown
  • Military presses
  • Bear crawl and hang clean

Sets: 4 to 5

Reps: 10 to 12


Lower body 

  • Hip-hinging motion.
  • Bulgarian split squats.
  • Plank jacks burpees.
  • Heavy sled push.
  • Mini band kickback.
  • Squat glute stretch.
  • Leg bridges.

 Sets: 4 to 5

Reps: 10 to 12

These are details about Eiza González’s workout routine, which helps her stay fit and curvy. By exercising regularly, she keeps her body toned and cute. If a woman is looking to her for a balanced workout plan, she can try these.

Eiza González

Eiza González Diet Plan 

Eiza González’s diet includes lean proteins, fibers, and minerals. She drinks water all day to stay hydrated. She avoids junk food, processed foods, alcoholic beverages, high fats, carbs, and sugar.


  • Easy veggies fajitas with mushrooms
  • Vegan Chorizo Potato Breakfast Tacos
  • Strawberry smoothie


  • Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas
  • Vegan Tortilla Soup
  • A cup of brown rice


  • Dry fruits & nuts
  • Protein smoothie


  • Easy Mexican Salad
  • Black Bean Burrito
  • Mexican Coleslaw

That’s all we know about the diet plan Eiza González follows to stay fit and toned. She has a curvy body and recently switched to organic plant-based foods. If she’s your fitness idol, try a vegan diet or nutritious foods.

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