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Eddie Hall Credits His 40kg Weight Loss

Hall says doing this every morning is the real secret to his weight loss.

Eddie Hall has gotten jacked since winning World’s Strongest Man in 2017.

Hall swapped heavyweight weight sessions and an all-you-can-eat diet for boxing training and a nutrition program, but that wasn’t the biggest factor in his 40kg weight loss.

His mile-and-a-half morning walks are the secret to his new physique, he says.

“My biggest change is walking a mile and a half every day,” says Hall. I run or walk a mile and a half every morning and walk my dog. It clears my mind, gets me ready for the day, and is a great way to exercise. I believe that’s why I’ve lost weight.”

eddie hall weight loss

Hall claims that he is not a fanatic about his morning walks, despite the fact that they have become a sacred ritual for him. He does not make use of any tracking devices, nor does he make an effort to complete a predetermined amount of steps. He just shows up every morning and speeds up or slows down depending on how he feels.

According to Hall, “I don’t use any of those fucking Fitbits or anything like that because I find them to be really stressful.” “I just try to remain calm and go with the flow. I don’t make any marks on it; everything is done solely based on feel.”

Due to the severe bicep injury that Hall sustained, he was unable to compete in the long-awaited fight that he had been planning to have with his bitter rival and fellow former strongman Hafthor ‘Thor Bjornsson. Their confrontation, which has been dubbed the World’s Strongest Fight, will now take place the following year instead.

Hall pulled out of his fight with Hafthor ‘Thor’ Bjornsson after suffering a gruesome bicep injury. Their meeting, dubbed the World’s Strongest Fight, has been postponed.

After surgery, Hall is back in training, but he hasn’t lost his desire to beat Thor, who said he cheated his way to the World’s Strongest Man title in 2017. Hall: “I want to break his chin.”

We wouldn’t fight him even though he’s 40kg lighter. Thor, luck!

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