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Eamonn Holmes says HMRC case was a “humiliating experience”

This is what Eamonn Holmes has said about his case with HMRC.


They wanted him to pay back 10 years of national insurance because they said his previous jobs were “staff jobs” instead of “self-employed.” This is what the Belfast man said in 2018.

Eamonn Holmes says the HMRC case was a “humiliating experience”

He also got shingles two weeks before his oldest son Declan’s wedding, so he had to stay home from work.

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Eamonn told The Guardian: “Sleep deprivation is hard.” My shingles didn’t start because I was stressed out by the early morning news. In my case, I think it was something to do with HMRC.


“In 2018, they came to my door and said that my previous jobs at Sky News, GMTV, Channel 5, and This Morning were not self-employed, but were jobs for other people. Some people wanted 10 years’ worth of national insurance that had been paid in the past.

To go back a decade and try to get back the money you’ve already spent? I don’t care how much money you make. You spend it. It’s gone.

As a result, when something like this happens, people think you’re some kind of tax dodger, and it was humiliating.” Because they didn’t want to lose the court case, they spent a lot of money.

When my son married two weeks later, I had so many shingles that I looked like I had shingles.

“My face, neck, and body were all covered in huge blisters,” I said.

When I tried to get make-up to cover my face, I looked like Quasimodo. TV is a visual medium, so after I had open sores on my face, I couldn’t work for a long time because I couldn’t see. It was terrible.

At age 11, Eamonn said he wanted to be a journalist so bad that it was “the only thing he wanted.”


Eamonn Holmes


“Everyone thought it was ridiculous and a little far-fetched: why don’t you become a lawyer or a doctor?” My mom didn’t want me to do it at all. She thought I should get a real job instead.

Her dream would come true if I was assistant manager at the local Co-op. That’s why I didn’t mind right away. It didn’t feel like work to me at all. Eamonn Holmes says the HMRC case was a “humiliating experience”

Growing up in Belfast during the Troubles shaped how I thought about the world and how I saw things. It made me curious and changed how I thought about global conflicts.

For example, we could have been killed just because we were born in Belfast or because we were religious.