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Dylan Minnette Weight Loss,Workout Routine and Diet Plan 2022

Dylan Minnette is a singer, actor, and musician known for 13 Reasons Why. Dylan has since starred in films such as Open House, Don’t Breathe, and others, but one thing that hasn’t changed is his lean physique.

Dylan Minnette’s workout and diet plan are discussed here.

Dylan Minnette Weight Loss

Dylan Minnette is always a lean man. His weight is consistent over time. It takes dedication and discipline to achieve such a fit and lean body. Dylan has always been strict with his diet and exercise routine. As a young actor, he knew a fit body would be one of his life goals. Dylan avoids foods high in fat and oil. He emphasizes protein-rich food items. Dylan’s diet is high in chicken, fish, and eggs to build muscle. He thinks a fat body is bad for one’s looks and health. Dylan abstains from shakes, cola, soda, and cold coffees, among other liquids. When he needs caffeine, he drinks black or nonfat milk coffee. Dylan cheats once a week.


Dylan Minnette


Dylan Minnette Workout Routine

The workout routine was as hard to find as the diet plan; he hadn’t posted a pic or information on Instagram. Dylan Minnette hasn’t been open about his workout routine in interviews, but I was able to find out what he usually does.

Dylan Minnette’s workout depends on the role he’s playing: lean or fit and bulky. For now, I’ll tell you what he was doing while filming 13 Reasons Why Season 3.


Dylan Minnette enjoys cardio. He’s fast and likes to run, as seen in The Open House. Every day, he runs four to six miles at a moderate speed to burn calories.


Dylan Minnette did daily kickboxing to stay lean and fit. Dylan used to do kickboxing four to five times a week to feel better and get fitter.

Dylan Minnette’s workout and diet plan are complete; add weightlifting to bulk up. This workout was during the last season of 13, so he may be doing something different now.

Does his workout involve weight training?

We can assume Dylan does weight training and core workouts based on some of his shirtless scenes, even if it’s just for the movie. Ross Butler posted a gym photo with Dylan Minnette and other co-stars.

Dylan Minnette Diet Plan

Dylan Minnette enjoys a healthy diet, but he also wants to indulge in unhealthy foods. After researching, I learned that his diet changed depending on his role.

In 13 reasons why, he had a lean body, but in The open house, he gained a few pounds. Dylan Minnette eats vegetables, fruits, salads, lean protein meat, etc. He drinks lots of water to stay hydrated and fit. Dylan Minnette Diet Plan.