The singer Dua Lipa made an appearance at the 2021 Grammy Awards this past weekend looking toned and fit, and her fans are curious as to how she managed to lose weight so quickly.

What is Dua Lipa’s weight loss secret?

Fans were blown away by Dua Lipa’s performance at the 2021 Grammy Awards this past weekend. She wowed them with a version of Levitating ft. DaBaby while wearing a series of progressively more revealing pink sequined outfits.

During the course of her performance, the singer changed from a theatrical dress to a sequined blazer to a two-piece bikini, and viewers were blown away by the singer’s incredibly toned physique at each transition. So, what exactly is the key to Dua Lipa’s success in losing weight?

Dua Lipa Weight Loss

How does Dua Lipa keep the weight off?

Dua Lipa doesn’t restrict her meals, but she eats bananas and cashew butter before working out. In a Q&A video with British GQ, the Albanian singer says “fish and chips.”

Dua Lipa avoids eating foods that are high in sugar so that she can keep the weight she’s lost. Even though she doesn’t completely abstain from eating them, she does her best to strike a balance that is good for her health. The singer explains that after eating sweet treats, she typically feels lethargic, even when she does allow herself to indulge in them occasionally.

The singer is often on the road, so she rarely works out. She keeps her slim figure by doing 15-minute HIIT routines every day.

Regular exercise and healthy eating seem to be Dua Lipa’s secret to maintaining her weight loss. Really?

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