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Doubts about Adam Levine workout routine You should clarify

Adam Levine’s workout routine usually goes for 6 days and for that he focuses on strength and yoga, pilates, cardio sculpt, strength training, and stretching. This helps him to take his health and physique to the next level.

Here we’ll discuss his fitness routine in detail.

Who is Adam Levine?

Adam Levine is one of the most successful musicians of our time in the maroon 5 band, a well-known band. He is also a bit of a fitness fanatic and he isn’t afraid to share his workout routine with the world. Everyone wants to know what Adam Levine’s workout routine is. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. However, we can take some clues from Levine himself and from the experts who train him. Based on these clues, we construct a workout routine that will help you get ripped like Adam Levine.

He has a very busy schedule because of his career in the entertainment industry, so he got less time to prioritize his health. To keep up his physical health, his workout trainer Harley Pasternak encouraged him to lose fat, build stamina, and maintain physical energy.

Adam Levine’s current stats:

  • Adam Levine’s height: 5’ 11
  • Adam Levine’s date of birth: March 18, 1979
  • Adam Levine’s weight: 170 pounds
  • Adam Levine’s workout principles:

Working out outside the gym is as necessary to keep the same routine inside the gym. In the Adam Levine workout routine, it’s vital for a person to stay active than stick to the same workout routine day by day.

Adam Levine workout routine:

As a busy person, Adam Levine’s trainer, Austin Pohlen said that: he never sits still for a day and always works hard and walks about 14,000 steps each day.

Adam prefers different types of exercises and in strength training, he does full-body workouts for 25 to 30 minutes daily. He then suddenly shifts to another exercise because he gets bored with the same exercise.

In Adam Levine’s workout routine, his priority is to stay active and for that, he did some useful exercises which are beneficial for his health. For that, he sticks around his kids in Los Angeles and tries to be energetic, and practices yoga in his daily life. Here’s the workout routine of Adam Levine:

Her day-to-day workout routine of Adam Levine is as follows:

Day 1- Monday- Strength and Yoga

30-45 minutes of Yoga and strength training are the core exercises on Monday in Adam Levine’s workout routine. Like:

  • Incline Dumbbell rows
  • Superman * 30 reps
  • Reverse Lunges * 30 reps

Day 2- Tuesday- Pilates

On Tuesday, Pilates is included in the Adam Levine workout routine.

  • Pilates
  • One and a half hours of training on a treadmill

Day 3- Wednesday – Cardio Sculpt

In Adam Levine’s workout routine, Wednesday is specific for cardio exercises. For that, he did:

  • Yoga (30 minutes)
  • Treadmill (1.5hour)

Day 4- Thursday – strength training

Thursday is specific for strength training in Adam Levine’s fitness routine.

  • Strength training circuit
  • 5 hours on the treadmill

Strength training circuit:

The strength training circuit of Adam Levine’s exercise routine is as follows:

  • Superman (30 reps)
  • Incline Dumbbell row (6 sets, 30 reps)
  • Reverse Lunges (30 reps)

Rest for one minute and then repeat

Day 5-Friday- strength and yoga

  • Treadmill (1 hour)
  • Yoga (30 minutes)
  • Strength training circuit

Day 6- Saturday- light, and stretch

For Adam Levine, Saturday is a rest day for sure, and on Saturday he doesn’t want to do work but rather rest. But does light he does light rolling and yoga sometimes.

Sunday is also the rest day of the Adam Levine. Because he thinks rest is very necessary for health the recovery of muscles and for keeping the body fit.

Adam Levine Diet plan

Adam Levine’s diet plan is very important for him to stay healthy as he is half-vegan and focuses his diet as clean and healthy. For staying healthy, it’s important to be consistence and train the body’s muscles and nourish themselves to stay active and proper.

Many questions arise about how to get a body like Adam Levine’s. So his secret is to be healthy by training in different exercises and nourishing the body.

Adam Avoids Dairy products but keeps himself hydrated all the time. Because keeping oneself hydrated is very crucial for removing toxins from the body as well as staying active during workouts.


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