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Donnelly seeks approval for €90m purchase of Covid-19 anti-viral drugs

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly will seek authorisation from the Cabinet today for the acquisition of anti-viral medications from Covid in the amount of €90 million.

The medications, which are made by Merck, Pfizer, and GlaxoSmithKline, have demonstrated good efficacy in lowering the risk of severe illness and hospitalisation in people who have been infected with the Covid virus.

Mr. Donnelly is requesting authorisation for the HSE to proceed with the purchase, and he has received no response. It is anticipated that the medications will become available in Ireland in the following weeks, albeit in smaller quantities at first.
Covid-19 instances have been reported in Ireland.
Since February 2020, the number of coronavirus illnesses recorded in the state has increased on a daily basis.
Hospital Report Several clinical trials have yielded hopeful outcomes, including one in which Pfizer’s medication demonstrated good efficacy against the Omicron mutation.

Earlier this year, Pfizer announced that the final analysis of its antiviral Covid-19 pill showed that it was still effective in preventing hospitalizations and deaths in high-risk patients, and that recent laboratory data suggests that the drug is still effective against the Omicron variant of the virus.

It comes as a result of an additional 21,302 Covid-19 instances being reported in the state on Tuesday, as well as an increase of 80 patients in hospital, bringing the total number of patients in hospital to 884.

Senior sources, on the other hand, are cautiously optimistic that the wave of Omicron will not result in increased demand in intensive care units or increased mortality, as it did last winter.

There is some early evidence to show that the disease is not spreading as swiftly among older and more vulnerable cohorts, who are also receiving a significant amount of support. There are 90 persons with Covid in intensive care units (ICUs), compared to 73 people in critical care on the same day last year.