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DELIVERING EQUALITY An Post becomes first major Irish company with ZERO gender pay gap for employees

AN Post is the first major Irish firm to have no gender wage gap.

In just two years, the postal corporation reduced the salary differential from 3.7% to 0%.

They pointed out that this is in contrast to Ireland’s overall gender disparity of 11.3%.


an post gender pay gap


Women are now earning slightly more than males, according to the organization, for the first time in their existence.

Their findings come at a time when they aim to employ more female postal workers.

In order to combat the male-dominated nature of our industry, An Post has implemented a number of initiatives to encourage more female participation and progression into senior roles, including encouraging female colleagues to put their hands up for opportunities to progress, using new software to remove gender bias from role profiles, developing gender-balanced shortlists, promoting flexible working arrangements, and creating Aspire, our Feminist Initiative.”

The Gender Pay Gap is the hourly wage disparity between men and women.

A Post currently has a 50:50 management board and more female Process Area Managers since 2019.


an post gender pay gap


Tánaiste Leo Varadkar praised the corporation for prioritizing the wage gap.

“A Post is leading the charge to close the gender wage gap,” he added. In two years, the corporation has closed the gap.

“I commend An Post for its initiative and desire.

We need to close the gender wage gap in every workplace.

Thanks, An Post for taking the company-wide lead. Many other firms are seeking to follow suit, and I urge them to do so fast.

Initiated by the previous Government and adopted by the Oireachtas, the Gender Pay Gap Act will help other enterprises achieve what An Post has.