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MURDER TRIAL Mum Deirdre Morley accused of murdering kids ‘harboured a psychiatric moral justification for her actions’, court hears 2022

MUM, It is said Deirdre Morley knew suffocating her children would kill them, but “she felt justified in her conduct”.

Dr. Brenda Wright, a forensic psychiatrist, testified that when she killed Conor, nine, Darragh, seven, and Carla, three, she was suffering from “serious” mental illness.


deirdre morley


He was 44 years old when he pleaded not guilty because he was insane on January 24, 2020. Morley is from Parson’s Court, Newcastle, Co. Dublin, and was charged with murder on January 24, 2020.

Dr. Wright told defense lawyer Michael Bowman SC that the defendant met all three of the criteria for a jury to find him guilty.

She told the court: “She has a mental disorder that is covered by the Criminal Law Insanity Act, which is depression.”

People say she had a mental disorder when her actions were alleged to have taken place. She knew the nature and quality of the acts but didn’t know that her actions were wrong.


deirdre morley


“She had a psychiatric moral justification for what she did.” In her mind, she thought her actions were morally correct. She thought the children had been irreparably hurt and she had to put an end to their pain.



“As a result of her depressive psychosis, she is unable to stop herself from acting out. She couldn’t come up with an alternative to killing Conor, Darragh, and Carla that wasn’t as bad.”

There were three interviews with Morley in September and October of last year, according to Dr. Wright.

After suffering from despair for years, she began having illusions that killing her children was “necessary” because they were doomed.

Morley told the doctor that she had a “passive death wish” and that she merely wanted to “evaporate” during their appointments.

“They had to leave,” the accused insisted. I had no choice but to bring them along. They were wrecked because of my poor parenting and my mental health issues.



It seemed to me that they were doomed, and I wanted to save them from a life of pain..” There was nothing left in me to believe in them any longer. I suspected they had been harmed.

“I thought people would be unhappy, but this had to happen,” I said. “It was a certainty.”

Dr. Wright inquired if she’d ever considered quitting smoking altogether.

“No, I couldn’t take them with me,” Morley answered. I feared that if their mother took her own life, they would be permanently scarred.

They would face hardships in the future, I was sure of it.” When I consider everything they had going for them, I’m not sure why I was so concerned.



The damage to them was so severe that I didn’t see any other possibilities.

“I wish I had access to a time machine.”

Dr. Wright described Morley’s mental condition as “serious” and stated that she suffered from a wide range of core symptoms.

Doctor: “She had a large number of depression symptoms, which were really upsetting and difficult to control.” These things caused her problems at work, at home, and in her social life.

‘When someone becomes psychotic, they are nearing the end of their life.’



“Delusions and set ideas that don’t fit in with a person’s everyday life are common.

“She was certain that because of her mental illness, she had done irreparable harm to the children.

Her delusional conviction was that the execution of the plan to kill her children and herself was imperative and urgent and she saw no alternative.'”

Morley suffocated her three children using plastic bags and tape while her husband, Andrew McGinley, was in Cork on a business trip for a night, the court was previously informed.

Once on the M7, she lost control of her vehicle at a roundabout while driving with a bottle of wine and prescription drugs in her car. When a passing motorist picked her up after seeing her strolling in a distraught state, the taxi driver took her home, but she subsequently departed again and dropped out in the car.

The three children’s bodies were found in the house after the emergency services were summoned, and Andrew arrived home shortly after.

The trial before Mr. Justice Paul Coffey is still going on.


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