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Danny Duncan Workout Routine and Diet Plan 2022

Danny Duncan is a YouTube star for his skateboard, dirt bike, car, and other vehicle stunts. Danny Duncan has over two million Instagram followers.

Danny Duncan’s body and looks also attract many girls. If you want Danny Duncan’s lean body and workout routine and diet, don’t worry; I’ve got you covered.

Danny Duncan Workout Routine

Danny Duncan is an adventurer who performs dangerous stunts. His workouts include activities and the gym.

Looking at Danny Duncan’s social media accounts gave me an idea of his workout routine.


Danny Duncan Workout Routine


Danny Duncan Exercise Includes:

Daily Activities and Stunts

His stunts and other activities are the main reason. Danny Duncan’s daily routine keeps him fit and burns a lot of calories.

To get Danny Duncan’s body, you don’t need to do stunts; just be more active. Play sports or walk in the park to burn extra calories.


If you follow Danny Duncan, you’ve seen his boxing story and post. Danny Duncan, who doesn’t look like a boxer, actually does well and trains almost every day.

You can see him sparring with people and punching bags, as well as doing other boxing exercises like footwork and agility training, as Danny Duncan frequently posts on his Instagram story.

Danny Duncan Weight Training

There’s not much evidence he works out often, but I recommend lightweight, high-repetition training. Like Danny Duncan, this routine will help you stay lean and rip.

Try a standard workout with 20-25 reps per set and at least four games of each exercise. Diversify your training and work out five days per week.


Danny Duncan running in track clothes is pictured online. He keeps his lean body by running a lot. Start running three to four miles a day, and if you can’t run that far, try walking and slowly building your stamina.

Danny Duncan Diet Plan

Danny Duncan’s diet has few details, like his workout. Danny Duncan eats almost everything, from healthy to junk food. His daily activities allow him to consume 2500 to 2900 calories and stay fit.

So we can assume he doesn’t have to sacrifice food due to his daily activities. Danny Duncan must drink a lot of water all day to stay hydrated after all those activities.


  • Oats with fruits


  • Protein shake


  • Chicken breast or tuna sandwich
  • Salad without dressing

Snacks 2

  • Protein bar


  • Salmon/ chicken or steak
  • Veggies

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