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Dan Stevens Workout Routine And Diet Plan 2022

Dan Stevens is an English actor known for his roles in “Downton Abbey” as Matthew Crawley and “The Guest” as David. Dan Stevens was born in Croydon, London, in 1982. He had teachers’ parents.

Peter Hall cast Dan Stevens in his touring production of William Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Dan Stevens won the 2015 BloddGuts UK Horror Award for “The Guest.” He won the 2017 Teen Choice Award for “Beauty and the Beast” Liplock.

Dan Stevens Workout Routine

The routine that Dan Stevens follows at the gym is pretty much the same as it was after he finished preparing for the role of The Guest in the movie. Dan enjoys working out in a variety of ways, including doing cardio, weight training, circuits at a variety of gyms, mixed martial arts, and other activities. As a result, everything fits together perfectly and plays a significant part in his remarkable transformation.

In addition, Dan Stevens mentioned during the interview that he is working out for a total of four hours each day in order to get ripped and stay in shape. When you consider that Dan Stevens works out for a total of four hours per day, his regimen is unquestionably no laughing matter. The following are included in Dan Stevens’ workouts:


Dan Stevens



Training days: Monday to Saturday

Dan Stevens loves to run, so we should include that in our cardio session. You can run outside or on a treadmill. Either way is fine as long as you run for 30 minutes at a moderate pace. Outside, run 2 to 3 miles at most.

Mixed Martial Arts

Training days: Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday

In three mixed martial arts sessions, you can learn any fighting style. Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai don’t count.

Weight Training

Training days: Monday, Tuesday, and Friday

In weight training, full body and strength training using compound and standard bodybuilding movements is most profitable.

Monday Workout

Sets: 4

Reps: 6 to 10

Rest time: 1 minute

  • Bench press to Dumbbell press
  • Snatch
  • Barbell curls
  • Dumbbell curls to Hammer curls
  • Tricep kickbacks to Diamond pushups
  • Cable pushdowns
  • Lat pulldowns

Tuesday Workout

Sets: 4

Reps: 6 to 10

Rest time: 1 minute

  • Farmers walk till failure
  • Battle rope for 30 seconds
  • Weighted Lunges
  • Tire flip
  • Box jumps
  • Renegade rows
  • Clean and Jerk

Friday Workout

Sets: 4

Reps: 6 to 10

Rest time: 1 minute

  • Weighted squats
  • Split squats
  • Hack squats
  • leg press
  • Stiff leg deadlift
  • Calf raises
  • Hip thrusters
  • Leg extension

Dan Stevens Diet Plan

Dan Stevens diet includes:


  • Juice
  • Oatmeal with protein powder
  • Wheat toast
  • Walnuts


  • Fruits
  • Vegan protein shake


  • Whole grain pasta
  • Veggies
  • Salad


  • A small bowl of almonds


  • Quinoa, Beans, Lentils, tofu
  • Rice
  • Salad


Dan Stevens has appeared in many movies and TV shows. His body shape is unusual. He exercises often to stay in shape. His diet includes a fitness-boosting meal.

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