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Daisy Keech ab Workout

Get ready for the fire to hit your abs.

If you’re looking for a free abdominal workout to add to your routine this week, I’ve found the perfect one for you: it’s called the Daisy Keech hourglass workout.

Her hourglass workout, like the rest of Daisy Keech’s workouts (find out what happened when I tried the Daisy Keech quarantine abs workout here), is intended to cinch the waist and give you that hourglass body shape that many women strive to achieve.

It’s a ten-minute workout that doesn’t require any equipment and can be done pretty much anywhere you have ten minutes to spare. Do you have an interest in finding out what occurred when I put it to the test? Continue reading.

Daisy Keech ab Workout

First things first, the structure of this ab workout is similar to that of many of Keech’s other free workouts that can be found on YouTube. You will perform nine exercises for one minute at a time, with no breaks in between, in order to really target your abdominal muscles.

Free workout tips? You’ve arrived. I’ve found free ab workouts, an exercise that builds glutes better than squats, and an ab exercise that slims your waistline. Daisy Keech’s glute exercises. Thanks!

Keech has said in other videos that she avoids oblique exercises because they give the body a squarer torso. You shouldn’t avoid strengthening your oblique muscles; they’re important for twisting sports and can help you gain a stronger core.

This workout’s music is annoying. I stopped and restarted the workout a few times, assuming it was my internet connection or an old laptop. Nope. Follow the written instructions below or watch the video on mute with motivational music.

What is the Daisy Keech hourglass workout?

If you’d rather not have YouTube playing in the background while you work out, the exercises that Keech does in her hourglass workout are as follows:

Basic crunches – 1 minute 

Crunches first. Start with your back flat on the floor to do a crunch. Keech crosses her legs for crunches during her workout. Engage your abdominal muscles and crunch your torso towards your knees. Repeat from the beginning.

Bicycle kicks – 1 minute 

Lying on your back, do a bicycle kick. Raise your shoulders and hands to your head. Kneel and lift your legs. As your right knee comes up, twist your body so your left elbow touches your right knee. Repeat on the other side, keeping legs and shoulders off the ground.

Jack knives – 1 minute, 15 per side 

Back up. Similar to toe touch, you lower your torso and extend your arms behind your head between touches. Back up. Engage your abs to lift your arms and legs as if you’re trying to touch your toes. Hold, then lower to start.

Russian twists – 1 minute 

Sit with your knees bent to do this exercise. Straighten your back, lean back, and lift your legs. Twist to one side as far as you can without touching the ground.

Toe taps – 1 minute 

This Pilates exercise works the rectus and traverse abs. Tabletop your legs. Engaging your core, bend your right knee, and tap your toe. Left leg on the tabletop. Switch sides and repeat.

Bicycle crunches – 1 minute, 15 per side 

Similar to bicycle kicks, lie on your back and bend one leg to a 90-degree angle. Bring the opposite elbow to the knee. 15 reps per side for 30 seconds. Here are bicycle crunch instructions and variations.

Scissor kicks – 1 minute 

Scissor kicks involve raising your legs to a 45-degree angle while keeping your lower back flat. Kick your legs out to the side while engaging your core.

Reverse crunches – 1 minute 

Lie on your back and cross your legs to do a reverse crunch. Engage your core and breathe in to lift your hips and legs. Exhale as you return to starting position. One repetition.

Butterfly kicks – 1 minute 

Lying on your back with your arms by your sides, do butterfly kicks. Raise your legs to the ceiling, then lower them to 45 degrees. Swim with small leg kicks.

Daisy Keech Workout

I tried the Daisy Keech hourglass workout: here’s what happened 

This was another killer Daisy Keech workout that worked my core. I loved the workout’s versatility; Keech uses a blanket on the grass instead of an exercise mat.

Exercises are easy on the spine. I suffer from sciatica after a horse-riding accident as a teenager, so I have to be careful not to put too much pressure on my spine during abdominal exercises. I had no problems with this workout, except for the butterfly kicks and scissors, which I perform with my legs higher than the ceiling.

Keech recommends doing this exercise every day to see results, and she’s right. After incorporating this nine-minute workout twice a week, I can feel my abs more prominently, and my core is on fire for an hour afterward.

Your body fat percentage determines how visible your abdominal muscles are, and no workout can ‘target’ belly fat. However, strengthening your core has benefits beyond aesthetics. Regular ab workouts help me focus on my core during cardio, which improves my overall performance.

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