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COVID PARTY Dublin TD calls on social media companies to remove posts about “lockdown rave”

Reckless and absurd St. Patrick’s Day “lockdown rave” social media ads have been blasted.

The Covid-19 restriction-flaunting party was first advertised on Instagram, then on Snapchat, with tickets priced at €20.

Misleading posts suggested the party would be lawful after the current lockdown ended on March 5th. But the Government has repeatedly warned that such restrictions may persist until May.


lockdown rave dublin


The rave was supposed to take place in a warehouse in Dublin or Kildare, but the exact site has not been revealed.

The celebration was promoted on social media with the following message: “No more gloomy St. Patrick’s Day. Let’s have a good time.”

By calling the event “reckless” and urging social media providers to remove all content related to it, Fine Gael TD Emer Higgins condemned it.



According to her: “It is a brazen disregard for the current legislation and a mockery to all the work everyone has put in to fight Covid-19 if this event goes forward.”

Restrictions have been difficult for everyone, and I can appreciate the want to socialize now, but now isn’t the right moment.

“I strongly discourage anyone from participating in this illegal event.” Consider your loved ones. Think about the people in our society who could die if they contract this illness.


lockdown rave dublin


“If this event goes forward, it will be a mockery of current regulations and all the work taken against Covid-19,” she stated.

“I understand the urge to mingle and return to normalcy, but this is not the time.

Please reconsider attending this illegal event. Consider your kin. Consider the potential deaths of our society’s most vulnerable.


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