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COP SHOOTER ‘CAUGHT’ Gunman Deonte Lee Murray who ‘shot two cops in sick ambush’ could be jailed for life after attempted murder charge

The man accused of shooting two cops in a twisted ambush could face life in prison if convicted of attempted murder.

Deonte Lee Murray, 36, is suspected of shooting two cops in their cruiser on September 12.
The ambush occurred in Compton, Los Angeles, California.

Murray was charged in the ambush, the LA County District Attorney’s Office announced.

He was also charged with two charges of attempted murder of a peace officer and felon in possession of a handgun.

If convicted, he faces life in jail.

Murray allegedly shot two LASD deputies earlier this month.

“Other than the fact that he obviously hates policemen and wants them dead, not explicitly,” said Homicide Bureau Captain Kent Wegener.

On September 15, three days after the shooting, Murray was arrested in Los Angeles.
On September 1, Murray was wanted for an apparent carjacking.

He allegedly confronted a man in Compton, shot him in the leg, and then stole his car.
Murray apparently escaped in the same black Mercedes Benz he allegedly stole on September 1.

“We saw the worst of humanity – a cowardly act where a suspect ambushed, shot, and attempted to kill two of our cops,” stated LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

In the hospital, protesters cheered and chanted for the deputies to die, following the cowardly ambush.

“I shall never forget these acts and that day, which horrified the entire nation.” That night, I said, “We’ll find him.”

“We have located our suspect today.”

The deputy said both cops had been sworn in just 14 months ago.

On September 19, President Trump commended Apolinar for saving her fellow officer.

Murray is a convicted felon with several gang affiliations, authorities said.

He’s at the Los Angeles Twin Towers Correctional Facility.

His lawyer, Jack Keenan, requested the suspect be moved due to “the nature of the victims.”

Murray was charged with carjacking on September 17 and charged with cop shootings on September 15.

He said the suspect was not linked to any police shootings.

He was arrested again on Wednesday for reportedly using the same gun in both incidents.

The attack on the two deputies came amid Black Lives Matter protests in Los Angeles and calls to defund the police after George Floyd’s death.

A gunman fired through the glass of their patrol car in Compton at 7 p.m., injuring Claudia Apolinar, 31, and her male coworker, 24.

The attacker fired on the passenger side of the patrol car, wounding both male and female officers.

In response, the judge declined a transfer, but stated he’d look into the case.

Murray’s mugshot will not be shared due to the ongoing inquiry.

Murray has a court date set on November 17.

Murray was due in court in Compton on Wednesday, on a $6.1 million bail.