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How to activate a Citi credit card

Card activation has three methods.

You can activate your Citi credit card by phone, online, or through the mobile app. All three are quick and easy.

How to activate your Citi card online

Online Citi card activation is easy. Simply:

citibank credit card activation

  • Citi.com/US/ag/activate/index
  • Provide your card number and SSN.

How to activate your Citi card by phone

Activated by phone:

  • Dial the card’s number
  • Follow the directions.
  • Personal information and card numbers may be needed.

How to start your Citi card with a mobile app

You can also use the Citi Mobile app. How?

  • Citi’s iOS and Android apps are free.
  • Register or activate a card in the app.
  • Tap card.
  • Take a photo of your card, then confirm the information with
  • your ID.

Getting started with your Citi credit card

Use it after activating your Citi card. After activating your card, do these:

Citi account login. Log into your Citi account or create one to confirm your card’s activation. Here you can check your card’s rates, fees, perks, and features. These features are worth considering. 
Begin winning. Citi offers several rewards cards and programs. You must spend in certain areas to earn more rewards depending on your rewards card. 
Redeem prizes. When you have enough points or miles, spend them. Citi ThankYou Rewards has multiple redemption options. Our guide will help you maximize your points. American Airlines AAdvantage offers many ways to redeem miles. 
PIN-ize yourself. You’ll need a PIN to use your card abroad or get a cash advance. This 4-digit number allows ATM card access. 
Autopay. Once your account opens, set up autopay, preferably for the full monthly balance. This prevents missed payments and interest on purchases. 
Citi app. Citi’s mobile app lets you access your account remotely. This app lets you make payments and handle most account functions. 
Citi virtual card setup Citi offers virtual cards for online purchases. This protects online shoppers.

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