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CHANCER’S COMEBACK Disgraced Donegal chef Conrad Gallagher opens two new eateries in South Africa after debt and unpaid bill controversies 2022

In spite of a trail of unpaid debts, famed chef Conrad Gallagher is back in business.

He has lately started two new firms in South Africa, according to the Irish Sun.


conrad gallagher


Gallagher, a man from Donegal, has worked in a variety of jobs in the US, Ireland, and South Africa. Many of his restaurants have closed because of bad debts.

They say that the fiery carver has cleaned them out and left them with a long list of unpaid bills.

But even though there have been a lot of scandals, we can say that the credit dodger is back in business in the Rainbow nation.

He took to social media yesterday to show off his new jobs.

He said: When he talked about Bistro Vin De Boeuf in St. Francis Bay, South Africa, he said that it was good “There is now a countdown.

“They have been setting up tables, stocking the bar, and getting ready for their first customers this week. Servers, hosts, and chefs are getting ready for the first time.


conrad gallagher


“Yes, I’m very excited. It’s time to make reservations for the middle of October now!”

After Gallagher recently opened Off the Menu Food Emporium in St. Francis Bay, a delicatessen, coffee, and wine shop that serves tapas-style meals, the new store will be open for business.

The 50-year-old also owns Food Concepts 360, a consulting firm for the hotel and restaurant industry. It has clients in the Middle East, Africa, and the US, and the 50-year-old runs it.

The only thing that Gallagher’s previous projects turned out bad is not talked about.

Gallagher has been back to South Africa in the last few years, even though he was declared bankrupt there in 2009.



The businessman has just been kicked out of Gallagher’s on Stanley, a restaurant in Port Elizabeth that charges a lot of money.

Several of Gallagher’s suppliers said that he didn’t pay them, and he was then served with an eviction order.

Gallagher is also said to have left behind a trail of unpaid suppliers when he moved from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

The landlord of his old restaurant in Cape Town, Cafe Chic, says he owes her R500000 (€33,000) in rent. He allegedly didn’t meet the terms of an 18-month lease.

Several suppliers have told the Irish Sun that Gallagher has robbed them of money in South Africa, and the Sun wants to know why.

Gallagher used to own a coffee shop called Sundance, and he used to work at Charly’s Bakery, which supplied Sundance with bread and other goods.

Jacqui Biess, who has made cakes for Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former South African president Thabo Mbeki, and TV legend Oprah Winfrey, told Gallagher how she was left out of pocket when Gallagher did not pay her.

Ms. Biess told us: “He doesn’t pay anyone.” He does that.

Gallagher was being chased by a number of South African suppliers, who have come forward to say that he hasn’t paid his bills.

People were surprised when Gallagher said he had “bad debt” with a few people in Port Elizabeth.



He blamed bad luck, not understanding the local market, and not being a “perfect person” for the debt. He said he was working to clear the debt and had already made major progress.

In July 2011, Revenue filed winding-up petitions against the companies that owned Salon des Saveurs and the business in Sligo, and they want them to close down. Over a €166,000 tax bill, they then closed.

Gallagher became famous in Ireland when he opened a restaurant in Dublin called Peacock Alley. Between 1998 and 2002, he was given a Michelin star for his work there.

It was then that he opened an Ocean seafood bar in Dublin’s Charlotte Quay and other restaurants in London in 2001. All of them failed because of money problems.

Recent years have seen him move all over the United States, Ireland, and South Africa in different jobs. This has left a lot of people behind on their bills and local businesses in a bad mood.

The chef came back to Dublin and opened Salon Des Saveurs in the city center and Conrad’s Kitchen in Sligo when he was back home again.


conrad gallagher


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