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Care advice for people testing positive for Covid

If you have Covid-19 and are worried about your symptoms or general health, the Department of Public Health Mid-West offers specific information for you.

While many people will get sick, a department spokeswoman says Covid is not a mild sickness.

“It is crucial to realise that folks who do not require hospitalisation may nonetheless endure symptoms and illness for days or weeks.

“Symptoms include sore throat, headaches, lethargy, weakness, aches, fever, loss of taste and smell, and breathing difficulties. It may take weeks or months to fully heal.

“We advise anyone concerned about their symptoms or wellbeing to contact their GP, including after hours. GPs are best suited to assess and determine appropriate care needs.

If you have Covid and are self-isolating, stay in a room separate from your family. Concerned about worsening symptoms? Drink plenty of water, eat healthy, and relax. Keep in touch with family and friends.

“Some people who get Covid get sicker. A hospital visit may be required if your symptoms worsen. Patients with less urgent injuries or ailments might expect long delays in emergency facilities. The emergency department is for people who are badly injured, unwell, or fear for their lives. They will also assess your necessity for hospitalisation.