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Car Rack Care: 6 Ways to Help Your Bike Rack Survive Winter

What are bike racks?

A bicycle rack, generally abbreviated as a bicycle rack and also referred to as a bicycle rack, is a device to which bicycles can be securely attached for storage. … The most efficient and safest bike racks are the ones that can secure both the wheels and the bike frame with a lock.

Tips to help your bike rack stay in tip-top shape all winter long.

Our hometown of Madison, Wisconsin is a city of four seasons. Commuters love it for a variety of reasons (because it excuses them from having multiple bikes). The product team and car mount engineers do research seasonally to test the racks. And now people drive more than ever all year round, which means they also use roof racks all year round.

Based on the rigorous tests we carry out throughout the year; We know your Saris stand will work in any weather. In fact, we’ve partnered with Madison’s Green Cab, where they keep our racks in their cockpit 365 days a year.

To make sure your winter driving experience is the best it can be, here are some tips to help your bike carrier cope with ice, dirt, salt and snow and stay in top shape for years to come.

1. Wash the bicycle carrier

Step one, part 1: do not lift the bike rack via the automatic car wash. This type of car wash will damage your stand and will not be covered by the warranty.

Yes. Now that we are ready, we can tell you that it is best to hand wash our car carrier with a mild detergent. After all, it’s our favorite dish soap – if Dawn is safe enough to save wildlife, she’s safe enough to take your car.

Do you need more hydroelectricity? The washing machine in a car wash machine is a happy tool between automatic car wash (bad) and hand wash (good). A washing machine is also fine when you’ve already set up your garden hose for the season.

2. Delete when not in use

Car devices are a type of people. Good care and maintenance can help with a long service life. And while we aggressively test and design roof racks for life, one way to shorten the life of your roof rack is to leave it in your car 24/7, no questions asked.

In short, if you don’t need your kickstand for the next few days, weeks or months, we recommend a well deserved rest for the diligent cyclist on your bike. We did it easily by making the lightest bike racks around us. The better your position, the easier it is for you.

3. Check for damage

Before fixing the bike rack for the winter or before taking a break from any heavy cycling accident, check if the bike rack is damaged. These include wear on belts, hooks, wheel holders and other moving parts.

Your Saris stand has a lifetime warranty. This means that we take care of you and your stand as long as it belongs to the original owner. If you see anything on the booth that doesn’t look right, we’re happy to help you get everything in good condition before you hit the road, so send us a message. And it doesn’t matter what we really mean: believe it, we’ve seen or heard it before.

4. Store your booth properly for next season

If you’re not a regular winter cyclist, your stand is ready to clean up nicely for spring. After removing the “mid-season or winter gun” from the bike rack, look for a spot where dirt does not collect on any surface, especially those in contact with the car.

Pro tip: Save your supplies (eg Bones and SUPERBones) so that your “feet” stay away from the sharpness and dirt of the floor. This helps keep them dirty and ready to install when you’re ready to go out and run.

5. Lubricate the locks for a long life

Locks on the bike carrier, eg. A bicycle chain may require payment at the time of disclosure.

Take a silicone lube (bike cream is fine), spray lightly towards the locking surface, press the wrench and do a couple of cycles. We usually recommend that you regularly check the locks on the bicycle carrier and pedal with the maintenance key. Because there’s nothing more frustrating than a sticky lock and nothing more heartbreaking than a stolen bike.

6. Wash your car

Once the bike rack has been removed from your car, you can now take your car through the auto wash. Also, forget about choosing substrate cleaning for your washing options. Road chemicals, salt, dirt, and who knows what else can get auto parts taxes.

So if you can, pay a few extra dollars to clean the whole car. You and the machine will thank you later.

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