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10 Unpopular Tips to Save Money on Car Maintenance and Repair

Car repairs and maintenance can burn a hole in the pockets of the owners who remain clueless in front of mechanics. They may take advantage of your lack of knowledge to put some extra numbers in the bill. Moreover, the regular strategies to cut cost are not always practical.

You need to adopt some new methods to save some money on repairs. It gets imperative if the budget is already tight because of some financial setback. Here, we will explain some unpopular tips for car owners to save money on maintenance and repairs.

  1. Read the Owner Manual

The book from the manufacturer has some very important information that can save significant money over time. It contains the recommended ways to maintain and use your vehicle. The visits to the repair shop will decline if you choose to follow these suggestions.

You will also find some DIY repairs for minor problems. It will help save money to hire the mechanics with some simple repair guides. You can also take the help of YouTube to get a more detailed tutorial of the mentioned repair.

  1. Shop Around for Parts

You don’t have to buy the spare parts from the next shop to the mechanic. They may charge some unreasonable amount only because of added convenience. Do not even trust the mechanic with their inhouse parts or recommendation alone.

Visit a few stores and negotiate the price before settling on one. You will get an idea after visiting 2-3 stores. If the repairs are frequent and beyond budget, you should buy a new vehicle with car finance for self-employed and salaried persons.

  1. Research the Internet Before Visiting Repair Shop

The Internet has enormous marketplaces with dealers, mechanics, and parts manufacturers selling their products at competitive prices. You can take advantage of the competition by ordering the product or service online. It is easier than finding a mechanic in an unknown neighborhood.

The eCommerce sites also offer coupons and discounts to new customers. Take advantage of these promotional offers to reduce the repair cost further. Also, you can use the price available online to strong-arm the local store on negotiation.

  1. Change the Mechanic

Your mechanic may have been repairing your car for years now. But it won’t hurt to explore the neighborhood to try a new pair of hands. They may offer better service to eliminate the need for frequent repairs.

You will find young mechanics in the market, offering a lower price than the established shops. Also, do not trust their words blindly over some exaggerated minor issue in the car. They will emphasize replacement instead of repair to make more money out of your misery.

  1. Do Not Buy the High-Mileage Oil

We have been forced to believe that the car requires a high-mileage engine oil after crossing a particular mark on the odometer. However, it is a hoax only to increase the sales of these more costly products. Your car will work fine with the normal engine oil regardless of its mileage.

You can give it a try if the oil is leaking or burning. There is no need to use it because your mechanic believes it is suitable for old cars. It is better to walk out of the store instead of paying £20-£30 on needless high-mileage oil.

  1. Avoid Dealerships

Dealerships are expensive when it comes to booking a repair or purchasing spare parts. You can avoid them and find a local shop to fulfill the requirement at a lower price. It will also help the local community over these large chains.

Dealership spends a lot of amount on marketing and other expenses that result in high costs. Financing a car from them also invites some unnecessary fees that are easily avoidable. You should contact a bank if the profile is okay, otherwise, direct lenders are the best alternative for imperfect credit ratings.

  1. Say No to Add-On Services

Mechanics are always ready to take benefits of the lack of knowledge of their customers. They will try their best to upsell some needless add-on accessories to increase the final bill amount. You should say no to them in a polite manner to avoid unnecessary expense.

The national chains have a separate staff of salesmen to push these products. They are impossible to ignore and are trained to be persuasive. However, you can easily notice the upscale process from their pitch.

  1. Save Money on Duplicate Labour

If the mechanic is already repairing the car, you can get some more things done at a cheaper price. Some repairs require removing a lot of parts to reach the broken part of the car. This is the ideal time to get the potential problems diagnosed and repair.

You need to learn the repair process beforehand to take advantage of this method. Also, the flat rate for individual replacement should be known to start the negotiation. Moreover, there is a very good chance the two repairs may end up completely unrelated to each other.

  1. Do It Yourself

Internet is full of DIY tutorials to repair your car in almost every language. A simple Google search will show enough articles on the first page itself to get the job done. You can use it or YouTube to find the DIY guide for minor repairs.

You will need a simple toolbox and replacement parts to complete the repair. Don’t follow the steps if there is a risk of hurting yourself or the car. Your safety is more important than a few hundred pounds on the repair.

  • Solve Potential Problems During Warranty Period

There are specific indicators of potential problems in a car. You can use them to get the car repaired in advance within the warranty period. It will save you some serious money while providing a trusted service.


To sum up, there is no way you can avoid expensive repairs if you don’t have car insurance. These tips will only help to soften the financial blow because of the damaged component of the car. You can always take car loans from banks or direct lenders if the savings account doesn’t have sufficient funds.

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