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Can a PEP holder apply for Singapore Permanent Residence?

Singapore is a country that has many perks. That is why many of those who could get a taste of life in Singapore would want to live there permanently. It is not impossible to become a permanent resident in Singapore. It is most possible for those who have worked in Singapore, like the personalised employment pass Singapore holder. Can a PEP holder apply for Singapore Permanent Residence?

Many foreign workers will like an opportunity to upgrade their employment visa status. One way to do this is by asking for permanent residency. If you are a PEP holder, you have a high probability of becoming a Singapore permanent resident through the PTS Scheme. The PTS Scheme, also called the “Professional Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme”, is the most common way to achieve permanent residency status in Singapore. Here are the eligibility criteria and the factors considered in the application to aim for permanent residency status.

Permanent residency eligibility in Singapore

#1 – A personalised employment pass Singapore holder or similar

To be eligible for permanent residency in Singapore, you need to be a personalised employment pass Singapore holder. However, that is not the only employment visa that allows permanent residency eligibility. E Pass holders can gain favorable results in their permanent residency application. There are even S Pass holders with excellent records that are granted permanent residency status. However, compared to the other two work visas, the PEP has a greater likelihood.

#2 – Worked and lived in Singapore for more than six months

Another permanent resident criterium that you need to take note of is your period of stay in Singapore. You not only have to be living in Singapore. It would help if you were employed during most of your stay in the country. Six months is the minimum qualification for the duration of stay. This is so applicants can submit the six month’s salary qualification.

As a personalised employment pass Singapore holder, you don’t need to have a job when you applied for this employment visa, unlike the E Pass and S Pass. However, it is important to get a job immediately. You only have two years of validity as a PEP holder. You should be able to complete the six months’ salary qualification before your employment visa expires.

Factors considered getting approved for permanent residency.

#1 – Industry and employment

In your permanent residency application, your current job and employment history will be considered. Your current employer or boss, as well as their credentials, will be scrutinized. As a personalised employment pass Singapore holder, this will not be a problem for you. That is because you need to have a professional work position and great work experience to get this employment visa. Thus, it will be more natural for you to pass this compared to other work visas.

#2 – Family ties

Family ties are important in permanent residency status. Married people have a higher likelihood of getting approved compared to unmarried people. The chance is even higher if your wife or husband happens to be a Singapore citizen or an existing permanent resident. PR status success is almost guaranteed if you have children with your Singaporean partner.

#3 – Economic contributions

As a personalised employment pass Singapore holder, you have a high salary that can be noted as a gainful economic contribution. This is important because economic contributions to the country are considered when applying for permanent residency status. This can be determined through your annual salary and financial background. Your income tax payment history is one of the documents that will be requested for the PR application.

#4 – Social contributions

Employment visa holders are permitted to work in Singapore. However, that is not what is only expected from them if they intend to live in Singapore. Social contributions are essential for the PR application process. If the authorities can see that the PR candidate can blend into Singapore’s social life, they are likely to grant them that status. Thus, personalized employment needs to pass Singapore holders to have community involvement like charities and innovative participation.

Get a PEP to become a PR in Singapore.

A personalized employment pass Singapore holder has many benefits compared to other work visas like the E Pass employment visa or S Pass. However, if you wish for an upgrade, permanent residency is your next step. There is no guarantee that you may get PR status since there are factors beyond your control. However, you can increase your chances by consulting with a work pass agency in Singapore

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