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Caitriona Balfe worried about feeling ‘unconfident’ walking red carpet at Belfast film’s London premiere

Caitriona Balfe admitted to being nervous about walking the red carpet for Belfast, weeks after giving birth to her first child.

In October, Balfe wore a gorgeous golden pleated Stella McCartney dress to the 65th BFI London Film Festival.
But now the Monaghan native admitted she was “unconfident” about the debut because she had just recently given birth to her baby.

Caitriona’s favourite garment from the Belfast press tour was “the first one,” she told Glamour’s Samantha Barry. My favourite is the Stella (McCartney) for AZ Factory dress I wore to the London premiere since my son was new and I was feeling insecure about myself, but that dress made me feel great.”

As she walked the red carpet and posed with co-stars, her golden pleated dress moved in waves around her. Her hair was pulled back and she wore delicate Jessica McCormack jewels.

Elbaz’s golden dress was designed by McCartney for the AZ Factory’s “Love Brings Love” tribute concert. Ms. Xie joined 44 other designers who created pieces in memory of the late
Balfe also mentioned during their conversation that she is “going back to work very soon” and has opted to postpone her trip plans till her son is older.

„Now that I have a child, travelling is much more difficult. We’re in LA now and you have to think about it. Jet lag is not nice for anyone with a small child. As for travel, I’m going back to work in a few weeks, so I’m putting that on hold for roughly a year.”

“Not because I would rule anything out, but they might. I’ll never be in a musical.
“But you don’t hear me sing,” she joked.

Caitriona said she was excited to come home to her own bed after the massive Belfast press tour.

“It’ll be wonderful to be back in our own home with our own things,” she continued.