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Things you need to know before buying a computer or laptop


Buying a computer or laptop requires a vigorous knowledge of computers. And most people are unaware of things they need to consider at the time of buying a computer. Not only for computer but for anything you need a bit of information about the product to choose the most appropriate one. If you haven’t knowledge, it is again a good idea to take someone who knows regarding the laptop.

Suppose you have any friend or family that knows about computers. So, the next thing is to search online for the best advice for buying a laptop. And therefore, today’s guide consists of some of the most important features and specifications of a computer and laptop that you need to be aware of when buying one.

So, what are some specifications that you need to notice at the time of buying a laptop? Are you all ears? Lets’ get straight into it.

Things to consider when buying a computer or laptop:

processor: (CPU)

The most fundamental part of any computer or laptop is its processor or central processing unit. Some people also call it the motherboard. The CPU, as confirmed by its name, is the basic component of any computer that decides the speed and efficiency of any laptop.

Currently, the latest processor is intel core i10, 11th Gen. And every year, intel is introducing new generations. If you are a gamer. So, the recommended CPU of a high-end game is a core i5 7th Gen processor. And depending on your needs, this can also increase or decrease.

Graphics Card:(GPU)

The second most important thing in any laptop is its graphics card. GPU plays an important role in graphics-intensive software or games. If you plan to buy a computer or laptop for high-end gaming or software, the graphics card must be of good specs. A computer with the XFX AMD Radeon RX 560 is one of the best graphics cards for Minecraft-like games.

However, again, its presence of GPU mainly depends upon the purpose of the computer. If you want to buy a computer or laptop, so a typical graphics card is also sufficient. Or you may look for the better ones.

RAM: (Random Access memory)

RAM is an essential part of any computer for multitasking. If you play graphics-intensive games. Or works on multiple pages on your browser at a time. So, it is recommended to have powerful RAM on the computer. Or else it can show lagging or stuck during work. And if you are facing something like that. It means that you need to upgrade the RAM your computer has. The average RAM that is recommended for gaming is DDR4 16GB. Besides, most of the laptops offer additional slots for extra RAM.


Before, you might be thinking that storage doesn’t affect the efficiency of the computer. But in fact, it does. The storage directly affects the performance of any computer. A computer with wide storage works smoother than that of low storage one.

Moreover, there are two types of storage. One is a traditional one. HDD (hard drive desk). And the other is SSD (Solid-state desk). Before, laptops and computers used to come with HDD. And currently, too. But now, instead of HDD, most people prefer SDD. Because SSDs are much faster than HDD. And can process files and programs at a higher speed. Besides, these are also multiple times more expensive than the HDD.

So, if you are buying a laptop, it is recommended to buy one that has SSD.


Except for these specifications and features. Multiple other things need consideration. However, those don’t affect the performance of the laptop to a great extend. However, the primary things you need to consider are mentioned above.

The rest features are mainly for the computer or laptop’s better look, or additional plus points and advantages. However, those additional features like the price of the computer.


These were some most important things that you need to watch when buying a laptop. And depending on the purpose of the laptop, you should classify the specifications of them. Anyways, did it help you choose the better options from the laptop, tell us the commend.