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Brilliant Ways To Design For Office Expansions

Perth is one of the best places in Australia to start a business for various reasons. The rapidly growing economy of Western Australia’s capital city continuously attracts business owners from all parts of the country.

With over 1,001,677 Perth residents in the labour force, it will be easy for you to find a new employee for your new office in the city.

But if you have to expand your business workforce, you need to ensure that you can accommodate the growing number of people in your team. You also need to ensure that your office furniture in Perth allows more room for company expansion.


If you will open a new office in Perth and look forward to expanding your business in the future, you need to keep these essential things in mind.

Brilliant Ways To Design For Office Expansions

Invest in Extending Desks

Office desks are essential pieces of furniture for every workspace. Since this type of furniture is always present in the office, you need to find ways to arrange it properly to make room for your company’s potential growth.


You may invest in desks to move with ease when the need arises. For example, you may arrange the desks in rows to make the most out of the available space in your office. This arrangement is also ideal to ensure that you can still add more desks in the future. You can achieve this arrangement by purchasing individual desks and placing them in a row or buying a large desk to accommodate more people.


Find Space-Efficient Storage Solutions


A report from Knight Frank revealed that the average rental cost for offices in Perth is about $640/sqm for prime spots or $394/sqm for secondary sites. Since these amounts may cost a considerable amount, you need to ensure that you use every inch of your office correctly.

For example, if you have no extra room to store all your office paraphernalia, you need to take advantage of under-utilized areas for storage space.


Using slim lockers can safely and efficiently organize your company’s properties without too much space. You may install these storage solutions in the room’s corners to maximize the floor plan. Investing in under-desk pedestals or cupboards allows you to have more storage room without eating up more space.


It will also help if you find other under-desk storage options with wheels to make it more mobile.


Pick Everything that Matches


Adding more office furniture in Perth should not disrupt your current setup. So always make sure that you will invest in pieces that will match the existing furnishings in your office during your expansion.

You may look for furniture that looks with any office interior design theme. It may either comply with your design or with the design created by a professional interior decorator.


It will also help to take a page from the Interior Fitout and Workplace Design Services guidelines set by the government of Western Australia for government offices for inspiration and other possible tips.


Office expansion is always a good indicator of the growth of your business. If you need to add more furniture to your office space in Perth, you need to consider the function and design of the pieces you plan to purchase so your new employees will have a great time working for you.