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Brick Fence: Protect your home with style

Brick Fence is one of the oldest types of fences which have been prevailing for a long time now and are still being used extensively as they provide a higher degree of privacy. It is of course an expensive option, but when you have them installed outside your house, you not only pay for the safety.  However, the first thing you want to feel after you move into your new house is the feeling of being safe. You need to feel safe and secure and of course, you would want to protect your dream house, and to do that you need a good fence. When we think about a fence the first thing that comes to our mind is a brick fence.

So, privacy is added along with the beauty of the house and looks extremely aesthetic, and adds great value to it. Not to forget, it provides an exceptionally durable and long-lasting barrier to your house.

Before we move into the types of brick fencing, let us discuss the prominent advantages of having one.

Advantages of Brick Fence:

  • Security

One of the obvious reasons for having a brick-made fence is security. They are strong barriers to intruders and serve as a protective boundary wall to make you feel safe and secure while at home.

  • Low Maintenance

Apart from being expensive to install, brick walls require exceptionally low maintenance. Once they are done being installed, you do not have to constantly take care of them. If you stay around a very dusty area, cleaning it from time to time would help it look neat.

  • Appealing

When it comes to looks, brick walls are a treat to the eyes. They look extremely stylish and classy providing an aesthetic appeal to the house.

  • Blocks Noise

If you are living on a busy road, a brick fence makes a good choice for sound isolation. It could be the noise from vehicles passing by or the barking of dogs, brick walls work well when it comes to blocking out the noise.

  • Fire and Impact Resistant

Brick walls are extraordinarily strong and provide sheer endurance. As bricks can sustain extremely high temperatures because of their thickness, they are very much fire-resistant and help you keep your house and your assets safe.

Types of Brick Fence

There are two types of brick walls- closed and open. Closed fencing is tall and strong brick walls that are built to enhance the security of your property. These brick walls have few or no gaps at all. Since they are very tall and have almost no gaps at all, they tend to buffer out the unwanted noise coming from outside, especially if you are staying on a busy street.


The second type is the Open Fence design. These designs are used to enhance the beauty of the house. They are built much lower than the closed brick design. and, do not buffer out the sound as compared to closed fences. also, provide minimum privacy as passersby can look into the house because of their short build. They usually contain bricks that are connected to each other by iron or wood fence panels.


There are hundreds of fencing options and designs in the market and a customer has a wide range of options to choose what he wants and not just stick to the basic fence design. Brickworks for fencing can be for durability, designs and above all it provides the solutions to privacy and safety at the same time to the house.

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