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BLUE BLOODS A total of 98 gardai suspended for more than three months

According to the available data, a total of 98 gardai have been placed on administrative leave for more than three months.

64 of these officers have been allowed to return home for an extended period of time at this point.

An Irish cop can be suspended for many reasons.

Theft, DUI, sexual harassment, assault, domestic violence, perverting justice, and accessing

Garda wrongly. Garda officers have been suspended for five years or more.

The Government continues to increase the number of gardai nationwide.

The government gave An Garda Siochana € 2 billion last year.

This money helped hire 800 new gardai and 400 civilians.

A TOTAL of 98 gardai have been suspended for more than three months, figures show. Of these, 64 officers have currently been sent home for ove

In the first half of this year, the number of new cops increased by 112 from 14,235 in December 2021 to 14,347 on May 31.

Current force strength is 30 recruits behind 2010 and far behind the target of 15,000.

A Garda Siochana struggles to replace retiring officers after pandemic recruitment cuts.

In the current recruitment drive, former applicants are contacted to see if they’re still interested in joining the Gardai.

A Garda Siochana’s civilian staff has grown from 2,099 in 2010 to 3,168.

Justice Minister Helen McEntee told Deputy Michael Ring that the Government is committed to increasing the number of gardai to fight crime.

“The Government is committed to ensuring An Garda Siochana has the resources it needs,” she said.