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BLANKET DANGER Urgent warning to parents over heatstroke in babies as temperatures soar in Ireland

As temperatures soar in Ireland this weekend, parents are urged to keep babies cool.

Heatstroke is the most serious warm-weather emergency.

Warning: blankets in buggies and strollers are dangerous.

“Avoid Summer Stroller Danger as IRELAND will be 20°C+ this weekend!”

“Shading buggies and strollers with a blanket can lead to SOARING TEMPERATURES and HEATSTROKE!

“A thin blanket can turn a stroller into a furnace.


BLANKET DANGER Urgent warning to parents over heatstroke


“Temperatures can rise FAST if the blanket isn’t circulating air.”

“IMPORTANT – Babies under 6 months should avoid direct sunlight!”

“Enjoy the sun and stay safe!”

What are the signs of heatstroke?

Heatstroke is rare and requires immediate medical attention.

In children the symptoms can include:

1. Becoming floppy and sleeping

2. Hot, flushed, and dry skin

3. A headache, feeling dizzy or be confused and restless

4. Fast breathing and heartbeat

5. Seizures

6. Little or no sweating

7. Body temperature rises to 40.5C or higher

8. Loss of consciousness or passing out

9. Get worse quickly and become unresponsive

What should you do?

  • dial 999 or 112 IMMEDIATELY, or get someone else to
  • cool them down
  • quickly move them into a cooler environment
  • remove their outer clothing
  • wrap them in a cold, wet sheet
  • keep pouring water over them
  • keep cooling them while waiting for help to arrive
  • if their temperature returns to normal and they no longer feel hot to the touch, you can stop cooling them

Met Eireann predicts 20C temperatures tomorrow.

Saying: “Mist and fog will clear, leaving many areas dry, but a few showers are possible in the east.

“Warmest in the west and southwest, but east-to-southeast breezes will keep east and southeast coasts cooler.

“Towards nightfall, showery rain will move into southern areas.”

A major warning has also been issued over hay fever medication – as pollen counts remain high for the next few days.

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