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billie eilish weight loss

Billie Eilish tells the truth about how hard it was for her to lose weight and how she used diet pills.

Billie Eilish recently told the truth about how she used fad diets to lose weight in the past.

billie eilish weight loss

Eilish talked about it all in an interview with Vanity Fair. She was quoted as saying, “When I was 12, I took a pill that said it would help me lose weight, but all it did was make me pee the bed.” It makes no sense. I can’t even believe, like I – wow. Yeah.”

The singer also talked about the tank top scandal and said, “I thought I was the only one who hated her body, but I guess the internet hates her body, too. That’s great, then.”

At the time, she even told her fans to “normalize” real bodies in an Instagram post by Chiziduru with the caption, “In case anyone needed a reminder… Instagram has made a lot of you think NORMAL bodies are abnormal. NO.”

“Not every black girl’s back has a shelf. Stomach fat is nothing to worry about. Most [expletive] SAGGGG. And it’s okay, all you moms out there! You gave this world LIFE, sis.” (sic)

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