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Benefits of Speech Therapy for Children

A skilled child psychologist in Dubai can help your child in dealing with their emotions. They can also assist parents in understanding their child’s psychology to best cope with it. Not only that, if your child has impaired speech or swallowing capabilities, they can recommend a speech-language pathologist (SLPs). 


Speech therapy is an intervention method that focuses on helping your children with speech issues. SLPs are educated, experienced, and trained professionals who perform speech therapy for both adults and children.


Sometimes, adults or children have difficulties in communicating which leads to poor mental health. Along with that, it also causes behavioral issues, poor confidence levels, and awkward social interactions. Speech therapy comes with a wide range of benefits.

What Happens in Speech Therapy?

In a speech therapy session, children are treated individually one on one or in small groups. The language activities often involve using picture books, playing, talking, and using repetition to build language skills. These sessions also include sound skills. They are an important part of speech therapy. The speech therapist shall go over words and letter sounds.

The therapist teaches the child to say the word and make the sound. Also, they might train them how to move the tongue when pronouncing certain words. At times, the therapy also includes oral feeding and swallowing therapy. The child gets a face massage and performs tongue, lip, and jaw exercises for strengthening the jaw. They are taught different sensations by introducing them to the food of different textures and temperatures. This works great for children who suffer from swallowing difficulties.

The speech therapist also treats different speech disorders like stuttering, trouble with pitch, quality of speech and volume, and any problems regarding pronouncing words

Here is how speech therapy can help with children:

Speech Therapy Helps with Social Skills

The key components of interacting are appropriate social and pragmatic skills in both community and life. When one has limited or no functional speech that pragmatic language skills are mostly delayed and even disordered. One of the ways could be targeting social skills through role-playing, video playing, and specific therapy apps along with other strategies and tools. Moreover, aided communication with these strategies helps in improving these social skills significantly.

Assists Reading

Literacy skills and reading help in communication a great deal. When you can spell you can freely communicate. When these skills are taught, they help in better communication with others.

Improves Communication Skills

Speech therapy is not about speech only. It includes language as well. It provides people that have no voice to communicate with others, via both aided and unaided communication.

Improves Alternative Communication Methods

Speech therapy works on a variety of communication strategies to help communication like sign language, gestures, approximation, vocalizations, and other means of communication. We communicate with a total communication approach as humans. And we do so through facial expressions, eye contact, speech, writing, typing, and other forms of communication.

Lessens Communication Frustrations

Speech therapy assists children in improving their communication skills along with other adults and children. It emphasizes improving speech muscle via special exercises. Speech therapy involves a great deal of imitating the speech therapist and repeating sounds.

There are many clinics for speech therapy Dubai where you can take your child if they are suffering from speech difficulties. You can ask your friends and family for referrals and search the internet for the best speech therapist in your area.