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The Benefits of Burpees and How to Do Them

Burpees are a challenging exercise that works many of your major muscle groups.

A burpee is a pushup and a jump.

Burpees can be tiring, but they can help you build strength and endurance, burn calories, and improve your cardio fitness.

Here’s how to do burpees correctly and safely, along with easier and harder variations.

burpees benefits

What are the benefits of a burpee?

If you’re not sure if you should do burpees, here are some reasons why you should.

Burns calories

In one minute, most people can do about 20 burpees. Based on this, the table below shows how many calories you can burn by doing burpees nonstop for one minute.

Weight                     Calories burned
125-pound person -10
155-pound person -12.5
185-pound person -15

Based on this chart, a person who weighs 155 pounds can burn about 250 calories in 20 minutes by doing burpees.

If you do burpees more quickly, you’ll burn more calories.

Offers a full-body workout

Burpees are a form of calisthenics. This means that the resistance comes from your own body weight. With burpees, the focus is on a full-body calisthenics workout that aims to build muscle strength and endurance in both the lower and upper body.

A standard burpee strengthens the muscles in your legs, hips, buttocks, stomach, arms, chest, and shoulders.

Boosts cardio fitness and burns fat

As part of a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) program, you can do burpees. HIIT is a type of cardio workout in which you do short bursts of intense exercise followed by short breaks.

Trusted Source has shown that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) may be a good way to burn fat, especially around the stomach and abdomen. Also, a large study done in 2015 found that doing more vigorous forms of exercise seemed to be linked to living longer.

If you do burpees as part of your workout routine, you can burn fat and get many other cardio benefits, such as:

  • heart and lungs that work better.
  • improved the flow of blood.
  • less likely to get diabetes and heart disease.
  • bring down blood pressure
  • Known Source.
  • lower levels of cholesterol.
  • brain function got better.

Convenient and versatile

Burpees can be done without any tools. All you need to do the move is your own body weight and enough space. So, you can still get your blood pumping by doing burpees in a small apartment, hotel room, or office.

If you get bored with the standard burpee, it’s easy to change it by adding weights or doing an extra pushup or jump.

How to do a burpee

A burpee is easiest to understand if you think of it as a push-up followed by a jump squat.

burpees benefits

How to do a burpee with the correct form

  1. Start in a squat position with your knees bent, your back straight, and your feet about shoulder-width apart.
  2. Bring your hands down to the floor in front of you so they are just inside your feet.
  3. With your weight on your hands, kick your feet back so you’re on your hands and toes in a pushup position.
  4. Do one pushup with your body straight from head to toes. Don’t let your back sag or put your butt up in the air.
  5. To do a frog kick, jump your feet back to where they were before.
  6. Stand up and put your arms up above your head.
  7. Jump up quickly and land right where you started.
  8. As soon as you land with your knees bent, squat down and do another rep.

Try to do as many reps as quickly as possible to get your heart and lungs working.

How to make it easier

If a standard burpee is too hard at first, you can make some changes to lower the level of difficulty. If you’re new to burpees, try these different ways to do them:

  • Skip the pushup and jump. Knees-first. Start in a squat, kick your legs back to the pushup position, and then return to your starting position.
  • Skip the jump. After a pushup, squat instead of jumping.
  • Skip the pushup. If your chest or shoulder muscles aren’t ready for pushups yet, try holding a plank position for a few seconds instead. You could also only do half a pushup until you get stronger.

How to make it more challenging

Burpees can be made harder in several ways. 3 examples

1. Burpee box jump

You’ll need a plyo box or bench for this variation.
  1. Instead of doing a pushup on the floor, place your hands on the box or bench and squat.

  2. Instead of jumping, hopping on the box

  3. Land gently with bent knees and repeat.

Burpee box jump

2. Burpee with a Bosu ball

This variation uses a flat-sided Bosu ball.

  1. Start in a squat with bent knees, holding the Bosu ball’s edges.
  2. Holding the Bosu ball, lower your hands.
  3. Do pushups with your hands on the Bosu ball.
  4. Then, stand up straight and lift the Bosu ball above your head.
  5. Repeat as needed.

Burpee with a Bosu ball

3. Burpee with dumbbells

  1. Start in a squat holding 5-pound dumbbells.

  2. Lower your shoulders with dumbbells. Pushups with dumbbells

  3. Instead of jumping, lift both dumbbells.

  4. Return to the starting position by lowering the weights.

  5. If you can control the weights, you can jump while holding dumbbells.

Burpee with dumbbells

Safety Tips

Burpees only work if done safely and without injury.

Begin with a few reps. Once you’re comfortable with the move, add reps.

Try to do 8 or 10 reps before pausing and starting another set.

Burpees can strain your wrists and shoulders because you drop to a pushup. Don’t land with a twisted wrist.

Before adding weights, pushups, or jumps, master the basics.

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