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Ben Foden’s wife ‘has had her fill of England’ as she blasts DOI as ‘popularity contest’

Jackie Foden slammed Dancing On Ice as a “popularity contest” after her husband was booted off the show over the weekend.

The Goddess Line owner slammed the show’s creators and the public vote on her Instagram Story.
Jackie questioned the need for a judging panel as the vote is a “popularity contest”.

“So my thoughts on last night…. (you all knew the rant was coming) I’m incredibly so proud of you Benny, I couldn’t love you more,” she said after the first couple were eliminated from the competition.

I’m so proud of how far you pushed yourself, I know you put your heart and soul into the show, I wish I could have watched you improve even more and how far you’ve come in your skating talent. “But I’m very proud of you nevertheless, you did great.”

To which she retorted, “What’s the purpose of calling it a skating competition when it’s actually just a popularity competition?”

“Why divide the skaters into two weeks, groups of your choosing, and judge all their scores together after two weeks?” Jackie inquired.

“What’s the point of gathering people and not judging them all? What’s the use of a judging panel when the public decides?
In her words, “it’s a bit unjust and we’re a bit upset, the worst skater wasn’t the first to go, I don’t really see the point,” she added. It’s kind of pointless to even attempt.”

Jackie applauded Paul Gascoigne’s son Regan for his poignant performance and also mentioned Ria Hebden.

“But after seeing Regan, Ben was never going to win [laughing emoji],” she continued. Regan blew me away… what a fantastic performance, an experience.

‘Watching ballerinas use their bodies, which they’ve crafted and shaped their whole lives into a beautiful instrument, is just so wonderful to behold, and watching Regan bring that art into the show, was just such an enjoyable experience.’ “I hope he wins on skill alone, and not on popular vote!” As much as I regret Ben’s brief stay, I’m delighted Ria got to stay. My two darling children sat in their seats cheering their mother on, her tiny daughter cuddling and loving her baby doll all night, I’m delighted they got to witness their mother remain in.”

Following Ben’s departure, Jackie revealed she’s had enough of England and the family is ready to return to New York.