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Beloved Irish singer Allie Sherlock responds to complaints about tip card reader set at €3

The Irish singer Allie Sherlock has responded to critics who objected to her €3 tip card reader.

Allie has a card reader set up so people may ‘tip’ digitally, even if they don’t have cash on them.

Some people complained after seeing her perform on TikTok, claiming €3 was too much to ask and it should be adjusted lower, according to Cork Beo.

The teenager is a prominent busker in Cork and Dublin, typically accompanied by a band.

And she says she doesn’t even use the advice: “Everyone complains that €3 is too much.

“I don’t take any cash. I tip the band all the time.” Nobody is required to tip “the Douglas girl

After her response, many people backed the young Cork sensation, with one saying, “Artists won’t exist until paid. Three euros isn’t much for a band.”
“Everyone says €3 is too much but..lads if you can’t afford €3 just keep walking,” another said.

In 2017, her cover of Ed Sheeran’s Supermarket Flowers became viral, landing her on the US’s Ellen DeGeneres show.

She has since inked a record deal with One Republic’s Ryan Tedder and is anticipated to continue to succeed.