Nuala Vizard returned to her parents’ Westchester home during the pandemic. She gained weight after becoming sedentary and eating her mom’s pasta and tacos.

She felt bloated, had trouble sleeping, and breathed heavily. Vizard gained 10 pounds in three months, reaching 184 pounds by August.

She says, “I felt gross without knowing how to fix it.” So she visited Dr. Charles Passler, the nutritionist who keeps supermodels Bella Hadid and Adriana Lima trim, alert, and strong. Passler planned to.

“Lifestyle,” he says. “It’s not ‘See Dr. P. and get married'”

Passler detoxes his new patients by cutting out meat, caffeine, processed sugar, grains, dairy, and alcohol for a week. He recommends a low-fat, plant-based, nutrient-dense diet. (He mocks paleo and keto fads: “Your brain is powered by carbs!”)

Passler helps patients develop an exercise regimen (HIIT, yoga, and walking) and a sleep schedule. He recommends seven to eight hours of sleep. “No sleep, no weight loss.”

Using a biofeedback monitor, he helps them slow down and deepen their breath.

Passler explains that when people breathe correctly, they heal better, burn more fat, feel better, and are calmer.

Vizard no longer wakes up in the middle of the night, loses breath while exercising, or gets dizzy.

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