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Avoid These 7 Common Editing Mistakes

Unsure how to edit videos? Don’t hassle! We will guide you through every step to edit your videos error-free. 

Being a business owner, you would never want your audiences to experience a choppy, blurry, or jerky video. You might also never look forward to sluggish or a video playing slowly. Right? 

So, how to make a compelling video without perceiving any errors? It has been analyzed that videos play an imperative role in converting more leads by 80% and retaining your prospects’ attention. Thus, overall, videos help your brand generate more revenue by increasing sales. 

Getting to know so many advantages of creating flawless videos for your business, you would not want to leave room for error in the videos you create. Therefore, we have come up with this guide facilitating you avoid common video editing mistakes that can be corrected in the post-production process: 

Avoid These 7 Common Editing Mistakes

1. Improper Pacing

Improper pacing degrades the user experience. The slower pacing can be relaxing and thoughtful. In contrast, rapid pacing will keep the video elements intensified. Thus, it is imperative to ensure the video pacing is compatible with the viewers’ emotional response to the scene. 

Video editing plays a pivotal role in letting your audience find a rhythm and empowering them to connect with your video. For instance, being an editor, if you are editing an action scene, you will be required to keep the pacing quick until the scene changes. 

The best part is setting an internal rhythm, specifically for the exceptionally long shots or cut short. 

2. Inconsistent Audio

Choosing an excellent online video editor will ensure the two significant components, including music, and audio & voice clips, are integrated well into your video. To enhance your audience’s experience, never take the audio from the original clip. Instead, turn the sound off, and record the background audio. You can simply feature the recorded audio by right-clicking and selecting the option ‘separate audio and video’ once you have deleted the original audio or sound of the video clip. 

Regardless of how flawless your footage is, if you have featured your video with a music track overpowering other sounds, this might ruin your viewers’ experience. So, how to avoid this error? 

The best way to do this is to ensure that the music blends impeccably with the scene depicted in the footage. In addition, the background music must not interfere with the dialogue or sound effects. 

3. Jump Cuts

What are jump cuts? They are abrupt transitions from one scene to another. One of the best editing techniques, jump cuts, facilitates achieving the desired output by collapsing time. The major role of jump cuts is to push ahead a scene to save time. 

However, one must always avoid using too many jump cuts in the video as they make a transition that can make the viewers jarred. 

To avoid a jump cut, it is recommended to set up another camera angle or cut to a different angle in the same scene. An editor can explore other video editing options as well but must refrain from using jump cuts. 

4. Flash Frame

While creating a video, always ensure that no random frame is introduced into the edit. It is one of the most common mistakes that usually occur due to cutting from one shot to another and replacing it with a second shot and placing it off by the frame. Doing this will deteriorate the quality of the video as the second shot will appear with a flash for a brief moment. 

Video editors also face this issue when they are not able to align the black frame with the edits in the timeline assiduously. 

Predominantly, flash frames are also introduced in situations when an editor is working hastily and re-sequencing clips during revisions. In case you see these flash frames in the timeline, always ensure that you fix them by adjusting brightness and contrast exposure and clicking the color balance. 

5. Incomplete Transitions

A horrendous mistake you can make during editing a video is when the transition length is longer than the previous footage, creating incomplete transitions. It is an issue faced by many editors who set the transition between 2 footage, wherein 1 clip is shorter than the length of the other transition and is not able to reach the other transition’s length. 

For instance, you might have seen a blank screen between transitions, which is a common error overlooked by some video editors.

You can easily resolve this issue by adjusting the transition time and ensuring transitions blend well with all the video clips. 

6. Poor Graphics

The graphics in your video must accompany your audio. Predominantly, the graphics entice and add value to your videos. However, the editors need to design graphics that are not distracting and only where required. 

Make a smart choice by making fewer graphics and refining them to fonts that perfectly fit your video. It is also crucial to maintain consistency and avoid using different colors, fonts, and styles in the same video. 

So, what can you do to ensure consistency in graphics? Watch some tutorials to improve your understanding of the usage of graphics and animations. You can also refer to some potent online video editor platforms that brief you about demos and tutorials on the graphics/animation features. 

7. Out of Sync Video

It is a mistake that can annoy and piss off your viewers. This situation arises when lips movement is not synced with the dialogues or speech. Moving things out of sync when moving clips around the timeline can happen with numerous video editors. Therefore, they must use the best online video editor website or app that helps them to watch out if they are staying in sync. 

Last Words

Creating a video is no longer a challenge if you have a reliable editor and adequate knowledge. You can also take the help of the best video editors to aid you in this video-making process. 

Follow the above tips, and start creating error-free, unique videos to uplift your business and boost sales.