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Austin McBroom Workout Routine And Diet Plan 2022

Austin McBroom is a former NCAA basketball player and Youtuber who runs The ACE Family channel. He was born on May 20, 1992. He is a social media influencer, YouTuber, basketball player, vlogger, and Instagram star from Los Angeles, California.

His LA-born parents raised him and his siblings. Landin Mcbroom is his brother. Multiracial Austin McBroom He posted vlogs, pranks, and sketches. His famous videos include Epic car accident prank, Lick my body challenge and more.

Austin McBroom Workout Routine

Austin McBroom’s workout routine consists of a wide variety of activities. He used to be very athletic and fit when he was in college; in fact, he even played basketball for the college team that he was on. Austin manipulated the situation so that he could get in a significant amount of basketball practice, which is something that he always includes in his normal workout routine. There was a time when neither Austin nor Catherine was particularly fit, and neither was in the best shape that they could be in.


Austin McBroom



Former basketball player keeps his quickness and fitness with cardio exercises. He does rope jump and a treadmill in his home gym for cardio.

Austin’s radio workout includes basketball, driving, and agility exercises.

Austin McBroom Strength training

He also loves strength training. Austin does intense strength training workouts like a weighted plank hold with a massive tire. He also does other sports like bench press while doing flutter kicks, resistance band drilling, battle ropes while dribbling, etc.

Core Workout

He does core workouts. Austin did chest and base work. Do 20-30 minutes of core training almost every day. You could:

  • Pulse crunches
  • Medicine ball throws
  • Leg raises
  • The Medicine ball hanging leg raises
  • Stability plank
  • Flutter kicks
  • Cross flutter kicks
  • Weighted plank hold

Weight Training

Austin’s mixed weight workout includes compound movements and bodybuilding exercises. He hasn’t shown a single workout routine to help you do a standard bodybuilding routine, focus on compound training, or train two body parts in one day.

  • Day 1 and 5, chest and biceps
  • Day 2 and 6, shoulder and legs
  • Day 3 and 7, Back and triceps
  • Day 4, Rest day

Austin McBroom Diet Plan

Even though he eats unhealthy food in his YouTube videos, he eats clean and healthy when not filming. That’s why he’s so lean and muscular.

Austin drinks water, protein shakes, juice, etc. He takes vitamin supplements to stay healthy. He eats healthy fats, protein, whole grains, carbs, etc.

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