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Apple unveils iPhone 14 with satellite SOS and an Ultra Watch for outdoors

Apple introduced new iPhone 14 models that can send emergency messages via satellite and an adventure-focused Ultra Watch.

The outdoor-focused products will test Apple’s affluent customers’ spending power amid rising inflation.

Apple unveils iPhone 14 with satellite SOS and an Ultra Watch for outdoors

The high-end iPhone 14s cost the same as last year’s models.

Apple dropped the iPhone mini, so the cheapest model is $100 more than last year.

The iPhone 14 starts at €1,029 and the iPhone Plus at €1,179. Preorders begin Sept. 9. The iPhone Pro will cost €1,339 and the iPhone Pro Max €1,489 on Sept. 16.

Tom Forte of D.A. Davidson says it’s interesting that they maintained pricing despite inflation.

Apple believes it can maintain margins by discontinuing a low-cost device.

Apple’s satellite SOS will help first responders. In some cases, users can use FindMy to share their location via satellite when they have no other connectivity.

Free for two years with an iPhone 14. Apple hasn’t said what will happen next.

Globalstar jumped 20% on Wednesday after announcing it will operate Apple’s emergency SOS service.

Globalstar said Apple will pay 95% of the approved capital expenditure for the new satellites needed to support the service, but Globalstar said it will still need to raise additional debt.

The stock gained almost 70% from mid-June to Tuesday’s close due to Apple rumors.

Other businesses perform similar tasks.

Elon Musk said last month that SpaceX is working with T-Mobile to connect phones to the internet via satellite.

Apple’s iPhone 14 Plus will have a larger screen than the iPhone Pro but an A15 processor chip like the iPhone 13.

The Cupertino, California-based company also showed three new Apple Watches, including a Watch Ultra model aimed at extreme sports and diving.

“Apple is competing for a consumer segment that has high loyalty to its existing products and vendors,” said Canalys analyst Runar Bjorhovde.

The Ultra has a bigger battery for triathlons, better waterproofing and temperature resistance, and better GPS tracking for sports.

The new watches include a budget-friendly SE model and a Series 8 Watch with crash detection and 36-hour battery life.

The Series 8 costs €499, while the SE costs €299. The Ultra starts at €999 and is available on September 23.

The temperature sensor in the Series 8 watch will work with Apple’s cycle tracking app to find ovulation after the fact.

The company stressed the privacy of cycle tracks.

After the U.S. Supreme Court ended the constitutional right to abortion, tech companies are focusing on privacy and reproductive health data.

Apple says it can’t decrypt cycle-tracking health data.

Apple also stated that the second-generation AirPods Pro will have twice the noise cancellation.

The Apple Watch has driven incremental sales from Apple’s existing user base, but the iPhone remains the company’s bedrock, accounting for 52.4% of sales in its most recent fiscal year.

After the presentation, Apple’s stock rose 0.8%, trailing the S&P 500’s 1.8% gain.

Apple didn’t preview its mixed-reality headset on Wednesday.

The device could have cameras that show the person wearing it what’s going on outside while adding digital objects on top of it.

Analysts expect the device to launch next year.

Meta is spending billions on Project Cambria, a rival headset.

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