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APOLOGY Minister Roderic O’Gorman apologises to people impacted by illegal birth registrations which were an ‘historic wrong’

Mr. O’Gorman has apologized to those harmed by illegal birth registrations in Ireland.

In his second stage statement on the Information and Tracing Bill, Mr. O’Gorman apologized.

Falsifying a birth certificate to register a kid as born to adoptive parents is illegal birth registration.


 Minister Roderic O’Gorman apologises


The practice has been illegal in Ireland since 1874, but sources claim the state knew about it for decades before taking significant action.

The “ad hoc, fragmented and delayed reaction” to the illegal practice “exacerbated” the impact on people, according to a report by the Government’s Special Rapporteur on Child Protection.

These studies reveal sections of our nation’s past buried in shame and secrecy, Mr. O’Gorman told the Seanad.

“As previously stated, the stigmatization of unmarried women and their children was incorrect. They had no shame.

 Minister Roderic O’Gorman apologises

“It is our shame.”


It was a historic wrong with severe and lasting repercussions on the children harmed by unlawful birth registration, he continued.

“Those who deliberately participated in illegal birth registration robbed children of their identity and right to authentic birth registration.

To realize that their entire identities are based on a false foundation, I can only imagine the terrible grief and anguish people must have felt.

“I sincerely apologize on behalf of the government.”

In addition to apologies, practical responses are required to address the infringement of the rights.

“As a result, I can only tell individuals impacted that the state is actively resolving their problem.”



The new law addresses many of the legal difficulties raised by illegal birth registrations.

Illegally registered individuals shall be given clear and assured access to information about their identification and the circumstances of their illegal birth registration.

It also allows for the legal recognition of a person’s identity through a new registration, if they so desire.

Peadar Toibin, Aontu leader, said the apology fell short.

“The administration has been in denial about when they became aware of unlawful adoptions,” he claimed.

“For the state’s apology to be genuine, they must say they knew what was going on for decades and did nothing.”


 Minister Roderic O’Gorman apologises


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