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Alexander Dreymon’s Workout routine

Alexander Dreymon’s workout routine includes weightlifting, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and Sword fighting and Horse riding. His schedule is quite busy so he does not find much time to go to the gym but his shooting scenes themselves require physical work which compensates him as most of the scenes are war scenes.

Who is Alexander Dreymon?

Alexander Dreymon, a Hollywood actor born in Germany, kept moving from Europe to the United States to pursue his Hollywood career. His education is from Paris and London. He studied at the Drama Centre in London for his acting and drama degree.

He first performed on the stage and then moved toward drama and movies. He got huge success and recognition because of his role in the Last Kingdom. He was super fit in the movie. The workout routine that keeps him fit is really interesting to know and follow.

Alexander Dreymon has learned martial arts in his life. That is one reason for his fitness. He often posts short videos of his art to make his fans know about his daily routine and talent of course.

This is just an overview. Many things add to his fitness including his workout routine and diet.

Alexander Dreymon's workout routine

Statistics of Alexander Dreymon:

Alexander Dreymon’s date of Birth: February 7, 1983

Alexander Dreymon’s Height: 5’10 feet

Alexander Dreymon’s Weight: 188 lbs

Alexander Dreymon’s Workout Routine:

There are some of the things said by Alexander Dreymon himself about his routine. About being in a good shape he was once told by his friend, ‘’every hour you spend in the gym is the hour you don’t spend in the library.’’ About his fitness routine, he said that he does Brazilian jiu-jitsu for at least one hour and then does weightlifting for 20-30 minutes. On sets, he does activities like horse riding and sword fighting, which helps in keeping him fit. He has favored stretching by saying that it helps in keeping the muscles healthy and useful, the risk of injuries is reduced, and said it is a good way to wind down.

Alexander Dreymon Routine:

Weight lifting: 20-30 minutes per day

Brazilian jiu-jitsu: 1 hour per day

Sword fighting and Horse riding: If available during shoots.

His schedule is quite busy so he does not find much time to go to the gym but his shooting scenes themselves require physical work which compensates him as most of the scenes are war scenes. Besides this, he also works out at home. He has added Brazilian jiu-jitsu to his workout routine which he loves so much and enjoys doing it.

Alexander Dreymon's workout routine

To perform his role in the Last Kingdom, he learned to ride a horse and sword fighting as well. There are several stunts of his that he like to do very much. He said, ‘’ Learning how to communicate with the horses is definitely my favorite part. I still have so much to learn, it’s like learning a new language.’’

He does not do activities like yoga or pilates even though these are very common among other celebrities. But he really loves stretching and does it often. Stretching has become a part of his daily routine. He performs it before and after his workout sessions.

There are many other activities that have now become a part of his daily routine which include his reading and writing habits and spending time with family as his family is quite big with many kids refreshes him. The process of learning a new stunt is also a way to keep his body fit.

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Gym Workout Plan of Alexander Dreymon:

He works out at least four days in one week. This is because most of the time he is on his set where he cannot go to the gym. But whenever he finds time off the shoot, he hits the gym.

Warm-up: He starts his workout by stretching. And does 30 to 45 minutes of cardio. For this purpose, he uses a treadmill and elliptical.


  • 3×10 Military press
  • 3×10 front shoulder raise by the use of dumbbells
  • 3×10 upright barbell rows
  • 3×10 Arnold press
  • 3×10 shrugging by using dumbbells
  • 3×10 shoulder flys
  • 3×10 clean and press with the use of dumbbells
  • 3×10 one-arm snatches by dumbbells

Second day: Back, Biceps, and Cardio


He starts the second day by stretching as well. And then 30 to 45 minutes of cardio by using the elliptical and the treadmill.


  • 3×10 Deadlift
  • 3×10 Dumbbell Rows
  • 3×10 curls using a Dumbbell
  • 3×10 Hammer Curls
  • 3×10 Cable Rows
  • 3×10 Lateral Pulldown
  • 3×10 Chin-Ups
  • 3×10 Preacher Curls

Alexander Dreymon's workout routine

Third-Day: Chest and Triceps


The warmup again starts with stretching and 30 to 45 minutes of cardio by using the treadmill and elliptical.


  • 3×10 Bench Press
  • 3×10 Incline Chest Press
  • 3×10 Cable Flys
  • 3×10 Tricep Overhead Extension with dumbbells
  • 3×10 Cable Pushdowns by using Rope
  • 3×10 Dips
  • 3×10 Cable Kickbacks
  • 3×10 Hex Press


Fourth day: Legs, Calves, Cardio

Warm-Up: stretching and 30 to 45 minutes of cardio


  • 3×10 Back Squat
  • 3×10 Leg Press
  • 3×10 Calf Press
  • 3×10 Hamstring Curls
  • 3×10 Weighted Step Ups
  • 3×10 Weighted Lunges
  • 3×10 Quad Extension Machine
  • 3×10 Calf Raises

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