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Adam Sandler Supports Chris Rock After Will Smith Slap Incident

Sandler has come out in support of Chris Rock, who was smacked by Will Smith for making a joke about his wife’s hair loss at the Academy Awards.

Comedian Chris Rock has Adam Sandler’s full support following the Will Smith slap incident at the 2022 Academy Awards, which took place at the end of February. A remark Rock made regarding Jada Pinkett-shaved Smith’s head was a reference to the 1997 Demi Moore picture G.I. Jane, which he was presenting an award for. After a few laughs, Smith walked to the stage and hit the comedian, before returning to his seat and screaming “Keep my wife’s name out of your f***ing mouth!”.” Alopecia is said to be the cause of Jada’s haircut. Smith eventually went on to win the Best Actor Oscar, and he apologized for his violent outburst with tears in his eyes. Many others believe Smith should have been stripped of his medal or punished for what was effectively an attack on live television, even though the incident has gone viral on the internet.

Chris Rock

Rock and Sandler have terrific working chemistry because of Sandler’s considerable comic history. For example, the two appeared together in the two Grown-Up movies, which were based on the friendship of the actors participating in Sandler’s flicks. Even though he avoids addressing sensitive topics, the laid-back actor has always been close with his fellow comedians and has worked with them on numerous projects.

As if to show his support for a pal, the actor has now taken to Twitter. Instead of making a clear allusion to Smith’s behavior, Sandler uses an image from Rock’s impending stand-up tour, Ego Death, to promote the show. There’s an accompanying note that says: “Can’t wait for this. “Have a great day, buddy!” Even before he got into trouble with the Smiths, Rock’s comedic approach has always been overtly controversial, and his upcoming tour is sure to follow suit. Despite the fact that the Oscars incident isn’t specifically mentioned, the timing of Sandler’s tweet shows his continuous support and affection for his pal. The original post may be found here:

All of the major celebrities are being asked about their thoughts on what is being termed by some the worst moment in Oscars history, as the fallout continues to dominate Hollywood news. In a lengthy message on social media, Smith apologized to Rock for his angry reaction and addressed the issue in great detail. This revelation explains why everyone appeared to be unprepared for Rock’s explosive G.I. Jane joke, which was not in the original script for his well-rehearsed segment.

Human beings will undoubtedly take sides as the globe reacts to the most startling celeb moment in recent history. Many people sympathize with Smith’s outburst of self-defense, but others are outraged by Smith’s use of violence. Until recently, Rock has received little attention from his colleagues, but it is reasonable that a close friend like Sandler would back him. Whether or not other high-profile celebrities come to Rock’s defense for his jibe is still up in the air.