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Actress Amanda Bynes

Celebrity Amanda Bynes has filed a petition to have her conservatorship terminated, according to TMZ. Allowing a person or organization to be placed in charge of an individual who is found to be incapable of self-care in the United States system.

Briefly stated
Amanda Bynes, a former child star, has requested that her court-ordered conservatorship be revoked, according to Page Six. It has been almost nine years since Amanda’s mother, Lynn Bynes, assumed the role of a conservator. Following an alleged arson attack on a California homeowner’s driveway, Bynes, now 35, was placed under conservatorship in August 2013 and has remained so ever since.

As of 2017, Bynes has relinquished some but not all of the control of her personal decisions, including healthcare, to her mother.

Amanda Bynes appeared in a number of films and television shows, including She, ‘s the Man; What a Girl Wants; and Easy A; as well as What I Like About You and The Amanda Show.


Amanda Bynes


The parental conservatorship of Bynes is to be ended, according to her parents, who say they approve this decision. It’s possible that this case is linked to the high-profile Britney Spears case that made headlines in November.

Celebrity cases like Nichelle Nichols’s have been widely publicized in the last year or two.

Amanda Bynes

However, there are more similarities between Bynes and Spears who were both female child stars in the 2000s and regularly had their mental health speculated on in the media.

Bottom line

Bynes’ case is due to be heard on 22 March.