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Activate Sundance TV App on Roku

Want to watch original series, web series, and award-winning movies? Start with Sundance TV, download the app, and start streaming your favorite shows. In this blog, we’ll show you how to activate Sundance TV at www.sundancetv.com/activate.

Sundance TV Activate

How to Activate Sundance TV in 5 Simplest Steps?

Sundance TV is a TV Everywhere channel that requires a subscription. You must also sign up for a pay TV service and install the Sundance TV app on your streaming device at sundancetv.com/activate.

Here’s how to activate the Sundance TV app:

  • Connect your streaming device to your TV provider. (Both devices should be on the network.)

  • Install the Sundance TV app using the remote.

  • Launch the app to get a Sundance TV activation code. Remember the code.

Note: Using the login credentials, you must log into the app if prompted.

Launch a browser and type sundancetv.com/activate.

Click “SUBMIT” to activate the code.

So you can access Sundance TV on your streaming device.

Activate Sundance TV Channel on Roku via sundancetv.com/activate

Roku is the most popular streaming media player, offering over 50,000 movies, web series, and documentaries. Roku lets you stream Sundance TV at home (mentioned below). You must activate your device at sundancetv.com/activate before watching.

Let’s activate Sundance TV on Roku.
  1. Turn on your Roku.

  2. Roku remote home screen.

  3. “Streaming Channels” > “Search Channels”

  4. Input “Sundance” in the field to see results.

  5. Press “Add Channel” after finding the app. This completes the app’s installation.

  6. Launch Sundance TV from the Home screen.
  7. TV displays an activation code (Sign in to the app if prompted).
  8. Now, visit sundancetv.com/activate.
  9. Enter your code and click SUBMIT.

Your Roku can now stream episodes and shows. Similar steps work for Apple TV, Android, Fire TV, etc. Device-specific steps may vary.

Activate Sundance TV on Fire TV

Activate Sundance TV on your Amazon Fire TV.

Open the Amazon App Store on Amazon Fire TV.

Search for Sundance TV and download it.

Open the app.

Sign in to see your activation code. Notate

On a smartphone, PC, or tablet, visit sundancetv.com/activate.

Click ‘Submit’ after entering the code.

Activate Sundance TV on Fire TV.

Activate Sundance TV on Apple TV at sundancetv.com/activate

Follow these steps to activate Sundance TV on Apple TV:

  1. Sundance TV can be found in the App Store.

  2. To install, click ‘Get’.

  3. After installing, open the app.

  4. on-screen activation code. Notate

  5. On sundancetv.com/activate, enter the code. Click ‘Submit’ after entering the code.

  6. An activation message will appear after logging in with your TV provider’s information.

  7. You can stream it once the Apple TV screen refreshes.

Activate Sundance TV on Android TV

Sundance TV on Android TV:

  1. Search Google Play for Sundance TV on Android TV.

  2. Install the app from the search results.

  3. Launch the app from home.

  4. After logging in, an activation code appears. Code copying

  5. Go to sundancetv.com/activate on a PC or smartphone and enter the code.

  6. To activate, click ‘Submit’.

  7. Sundance TV on Android TV?

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