Paramount Plus offers live and on-demand access to BET, CBS, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Paramount, MTV, and more content. The app has the best movies, shows, originals, etc. Several streaming devices support it.

Using, you can activate Paramount+ on Apple TV, Samsung TV, LG TV, Vizio TV, Xbox, and Xfinity. Paramount plus is required for activation. We’ll begin with registration.

Paramount Plus

Signing Up for Paramount Plus Subscription

You can get Paramount+ on your device. Here, we use a computer. Sign up first, then activate.

  1. Click ‘Try It Free’ on

  2. Continue

  3. Click “Continue” after selecting a subscription plan. You must register.

  4. A name, email, and password are required. Continue to sign up.

  5. Start Paramount+ by entering payment information. The free trial is risk-free.

  6. You’ve got Paramount+.

Activate Paramount Plus on Apple TV via

Paramount+ streams on these Apple TV models:

Supported Versions Supported Models 
Apple TV (4th Gen) A1625 (Apple TV 4th Gen) 
A1842 Apple TV 4K (Apple TV 5th Generation, 4K)

Activation Process.

Paramount+ on Apple TV:

  1. Download the Paramount+ app on Apple TV.

  2. Sign into the app “On your Apple TV.” Click “Enter New” or the previously

  3. used email address. Enter your PANDORA email and password.

  4. Then click “Sign In.” Stream it on Apple TV.

Alternate Method.

  1. Open the app and select “On” for the on-screen activation code. Notate

  2. Now, enter the activation code at Press “Activate.”

  3. Log in to Paramount+ for activation confirmation.

  4. You can stream Paramount+ content after the Apple TV screen refreshes.

Activate Paramount+ on Fire TV at

Paramount+ content can be streamed on Amazon Fire TV in two ways.

First Method.

  1. The Paramount+ Fire TV app is available in the App Store.

  2. Settings, Sign In.

  3. Select “On my TV” and enter your Paramount+ email and password. Click ‘Sign In’ to stream Paramount+ on your TV.

Second Method.

  1. App Store has the Paramount+ Fire TV app.

  2. Settings>Sign In>On

  3. On-screen instructions and an activation code appear. Mark the code.

  4. Enter the code at To finish, click ‘Activate’.

  5. Begin streaming with your Paramount+ subscription.

Activate Paramount Plus on Android TV via

To activate Paramount+ on Android TV, follow these steps:

  1. Find Paramount+ on your TV’s Play Store.

  2. Download the app from Google Play.

  3. Go to Settings> Sign In> On

  4. Generate an activation code.

  5. Enter the code at

  6. Click ‘Activate’ to activate.

Activate Paramount Plus on Samsung TV

If your Samsung smart TV from 2017 or later has Tizen OS, you can download and turn on Paramount+.

  1. Open the app and go to Settings> Sign In> On

  2. On-screen code Copy and save.

  3. Enter the code at Press “Activate.”

  4. Samsung TVs can stream Paramount+.

Activate Paramount Plus on Vizio TV

Activate the app to watch Paramount+ on your Vizio TV. Process:

  1. for the Vizio TV

  2. launch app.

  3. Go to Settings> Sign In>

  4. On-screen is a 7-digit code. Notate

  5. Enter the code at To sign in and activate,

  6. click ‘Activate’.

  7. Watch Paramount+.

Activate Paramount Plus on LG TV at

LG WebOS 4.0 and higher TVs support Paramount+. Activation is simple.

  1. Open the LG Content Store on your smart TV.

  2. Select Paramount+.

  3. Download the TV app.

  4. Open the app, go to Settings> Sign In>

  5. on-screen activation code. Iterate.

  6. Copy the code at Press “Activate.”

  7. Log in to Paramount+.

  8. You can stream app content after the TV screen refreshes.

Activate Paramount Plus on Xbox

Xbox One, Xbox S, and Xbox X support Paramount+. Activate:

  1. Navigate to Paramount+ on Settings Sign In

  2. On-screen activation code. Notate

  3. Enter the activation code at Press “Activate.”

  4. Sign in to your Paramount+ account if asked.

  5. Watch Paramount+ on Xbox One.

Activate Paramount Plus on Xfinity

Here’s how:

Download Paramount Plus to your Xfinity device. 
Open the app and tap Settings> Sign In> On 
on-screen activation code. IterateEnter the code at To finish, click ‘Activate’. 
Sign in to Xfinity to stream Paramount+.

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