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How to Activate CTV App on Roku: Fire Stick, Android TV, Apple TV

CTV is Canada’s leading TV network. CTV broadcasts entertainment, news, and sports (most of which are owned and operated). The company owns several TV stations, including A Channel.

CTV’s cable and satellite channels include The Comedy Network, The Sports Network, Business News Network, MTV, and Discovery Channel Canada.

Activate CTV

Not many users know how to activate CTV at www.ctv.ca/activate. That’s why this channel isn’t popular outside Canada. No worries, we have a guide. Here’s how to activate CTV on your device using the www.ctv.ca/activate URL.

What are the Different Devices in Which we can Use CTV?

CTV requires a TV subscription. CTV requires a subscription and credentials. That’s what this article discusses. First, let’s look at the CTV-compatible devices:

SamsungXbox (PS4, PS5, Xbox)ChromecastiPhoneRokuFireTVSmartTV SamsungXbox (PS4, PS5, Xbox)

How To Activate CTV at ctv.ca/activate on Apple TV

The www.ctv.ca/activate URL activates CTV on Apple TV. If you don’t know how to follow these steps:

  • App Store for Apple TV Then finds CTV News.

  • Get button downloads app.

  • Install CTV News.

  • Sign in via the navigation bar.

  • You’ll get a code.

  • Enter your activation code at ctv.ca/appletv.

  • TV subscribers can log in.

  • Email and password are required.

  • If everything is done correctly, your browser should say Success.

  • Finally. Enjoy CTV without hassle.

Activate CTV on Android Smart TV

Android TV users, read on! Follow these steps to activate CTV on Android TVs. Here are the steps:

  • Launch Play Store. Search for CTV News.

  • CTV is only in the Canadian Play Store.

  • Select it once found.

  • Install and finish the program. Android TV supports the CTV app.

  • Sign in to Account Management.

  • You’ll get a code.

  • Access ctv.ca/activate via browser or mobile device.

  • Choose your TV provider or BDU.

  • Enter the CTV activation code.

  • Your browser displays Success after successful authentication. Enjoy your work.

How to ctv.ca/activate on ROKU Devices

If you use a Roku device and want CTV channels, you must subscribe. Activate it at www.ctv.ca/activate. If you’re unsure, follow these steps:

  • Once installed, the channel appears on the home screen.CTV News.

  • Click Add Channel to add CTV to Roku.

  • If prompted, enter your Roku PIN. Once installed, the channel appears on the home screen.

  • CTV News.

  • CTV sign-in button.

  • Next is an activation code.

  • Access ctv.ca/activate via browser or mobile device.

  • Sign in to BDU or choose a TV provider.

  • Enter the channel code.

  • Your browser will show a success message.

Activate CTV at ctv.ca/activate on Fire Stick

If you have a Fire Stick and want to use CTV, follow these steps:

  • Select the app once found.

  • To download, click Get.

  • Launch CTV’s Fire Stick app.

  • Sign in under Account Management.

  • Note the activation code.

  • Visit ctv.ca/activate on the web or mobile browser.

  • Use your TV provider’s login.

  • Enter the CTV activation code.

  • If everything works, your browser will display a success message.

How To Activate CTV on Samsung Smart TV

To watch CTV on your Samsung smart TV, visit www.ctv.ca/activate. Use these steps if you don’t know how:

  • Press Home on your Samsung remote.

  • APPS.

  • In the top right, click Search.

  • CTV News.

  • Select the app. Afterward, hit Sign In.

  • There’s an activation code.

  • Activate ctv.ca/activate.

  • Choose your TV provider or BDU.

  • Enter the CTV activation code.

  • Success means you entered the correct information.

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