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Abel James Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Abel James is a famous fitness trainer. Abel was born in the USA on August 23, 1984. He is one of the most well-known fitness instructors in the world. He is also a member of the list of the world’s most famous fitness instructors. His age is 34. Abel is an author, musician, and businessman. He’s a celebrity coach on ABC TV and has been in People Magazine.

He designed his own brain science, music, and technology courses. Many have reclaimed their health and performance through cutting-edge science, outdoor workouts, and delicious meals.

Abel James  Body Stats

  • He is  5 feet 9 inches tall.
  • Her Eye Color is blue.
  • Her weight is not known
  • Body measurement is unknown


Abel James Workout Routine

To stay in shape, he does a few simple but efficient activities. In an interview, he has shared his fitness advice.


For 60 seconds, Abel undertakes light jogging, which includes jumping jacks and other exercises


He stretches quickly and lightly.

early bird

James works out early in the day to prepare for the rest of the day. He keeps himself energized and doesn’t worry about how he’ll fit in exercise.


As opposed to extended, steady exercises, James does much more work in a shorter time. HIIT will help people achieve greater results.

He performs burpees and other full-body exercises for four minutes at a 20-second interval with a 10-second pause. Do not injure yourself when exercising HIIT.

Abel’s high-intensity exercises are listed below;


Sprints up and down the hills.
DeadliftsPull-upsPower Cleans
Do a set of jack-knifes.

Compound Movements

Exciting and full-body workouts help him shed pounds and achieve an impressive physique.

Minimum Effective Dose

Over-exercising can also be harmful, just like overeating. James achieves optimal results in less time by doing high-intensity exercise.

This is all about Abel James’ workout routine.

abel james workout

Abel James Diet Plan

When it comes to food, Abel James prefers whole, unprocessed cuisine made from healthy plants and animals by consuming a diet high in fiber and minerals from whole, unprocessed foods. Reduced the use of processed carbohydrates and sugars. instead opted for plant and animal-based diets.

Fruits that are in season.
Fish that have been caught in the wild.
Grass-fed butter.
bone marrow
Oils made with avocados.
Vegetables that are fresh, green, leafy, and organic.
It’s an organic egg.

What He Avoids

There is a lot of junk food out there.

Food that has been artificially flavored or otherwise altered.
Corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, and cabbages all fall within this category.

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He eats Real Food

Abel foregoes the “carbage” (processed carbs). He consumes a diet rich in vitamins and minerals from natural sources.

Diet Matters

By following the regimen, James sheds only 20% of his body weight. James advises that if you want to reduce weight, you should focus on making healthy food choices.

Not Bootcamp

Abel’s Wild Diet isn’t a strict or complicated one. You can use it as a guide to making healthy choices. On the other hand, James prefers to eat foods that would be healthy for him in their natural habitats, such as plants and animals.

This is all about Abel James’ diet plan.


Fitness trainer Abel James is a native of the US. He is the author of a slew of health-related top sellers. The diet he follows isn’t a regimented one. He works out with a basic yet effective routine that he shares with others. Abel won a Paleo F(x) – Best Paleo Podcast for ‘Fat-Burning Man’ 2015 and many others.


Who is Abel James?

Abel is a New York Times bestselling author and modern-day Renaissance man. He’s a celebrity coach on ABC TV and has been featured in People Magazine.

What is the Abel diet?

Abel emphasizes locally farmed, organic whole foods, with the exception of whole grains. He avoids junk food, artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, and sugar.

What age is Abel James?

James is 39 years old, born on August 23, 1984.







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