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8 of the top cheap exercise bikes

Using a stationary bike can improve cardiovascular health and reduce body fat. Alternative to road cycling, it is safe and convenient.


In a hurry: Exerprise Bike XTERRA Fitness FB150
For a calmer ride: ECHANFIT Indoor Exercise Bike
Folding bike: Exercise Folding Pulse Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike
Stabler bike: VIGBODY Exercycle
Adjustable seat and handlebars YOSUDA Exercise Bike
Recumbent bikes: Sunny Fitness Magnetic Exercise Bike
Lanos Folding Exercise Bike

How to choose an exercise bike

Consumer Reports recommends looking for certain features in an exercise bike.

The following sections elaborate on these.

Design and show

Those who intend to utilise an exercise bike should consider storage. A folding bike that fits into a cupboard or closet may be preferred. Adjustable seats and handlebars may also help.

A clean display with easy-to-use settings will also aid maximise any workout. Monitors for heart rate and other performance parameters are available.


For stability, look for nonslip pedals and a mid-to-low centre of gravity. Some inexpensive versions have a higher centre of gravity, making them unstable when training hard.

Consider the bike’s maximum weight capacity.


Resistance levels should be varied on both manual and electric bikes. Elevated bikes may also have workout routines that can be customised to a user’s fitness level.

Considering an individual’s exercise routine and needs will help.


Not all low-cost equipment have heart-rate or pulse-monitoring controls. For models lacking these functions, a standalone fitness tracker with built-in heart monitor may be worth the investment.

8 inexpensive bikes

Here are eight cheap exercise bikes for sale.

Note that the author has not tried any of these goods. This site’s content is entirely research-based.

Exercise Bike XTERRA Fitness FB150?

This bike folds up to around 18 inches by 18 inches when not in use.

This bike has a bigger seat for comfort and stability, and a small display for speed and distance.

It has eight manual resistance settings controlled by a tension lever below the handlebars.

The bike can handle 225 pound riders (lb).

Is it worth it

Up to 250 lb. magnetic spinning cycle Its silent belt drive technology makes it quieter than many cheaper options.

The seat may be moved forward and backward, and the handlebars can be raised or lowered.

A digital watch shows time, speed, distance, and calories burned. It also holds a smartphone.

Marcy Upright Bike

This magnetic exercise bike can hold up to 300 lbs. Taller persons may find it acceptable with an inseam height of 26–34 in.

Tempo, distance, and calories burned are displayed. With no pulse sensor, customers will need to buy an additional device to record this information.

Bike with Pulse Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright

When not in use, this magnetic workout bike folds to 22 in by 20 in.

It supports users weighing up to 300 lb and standing 5 feet 3 inches to 6 feet 1 inch tall. Using touch sensors in the handlebars, the LCD displays calories burned, time, speed, and pulse.

It also has an eight-level resistance dial.

VIGBODY Exercycle

This exercise bike is the most stable option on this list, supporting up to 330 lb.

The handlebars may be raised or lowered, and the seat can be moved forward or backward.

In addition to time, distance and calories are displayed. 12 months free components replacement on this bike.

YOSUDA Indoor Cycle

This bike can handle individuals weighing up to 270 lb and standing 25–35 in.

It has a 35-lb flywheel and a heavy-duty steel frame. The nonslip handlebars may be raised or lowered, and the seat can be moved forward or backward.

An LCD panel shows speed, distance, and calories burned. It also has a tablet holder.

This machine is covered by a 1-year YOSUDA components guarantee.

Sunny Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

This recumbent bike supports up to 300 lb. It has front and side handlebars that measure heart rate.

This bike includes magnetic resistance in eight settings. From a seated posture, the seat can be moved back and forward.

On a digital watch you can track your heart rate and time.


This workout bike can be used upright or reclined. It supports users weighing up to 300 lbs and standing 4 ft 6 in to 6 ft tall.

The bike has ten degrees of resistance and a well balanced flywheel for a silent ride. It tracks speed, distance, calories, and heart rate.

If a customer is unsatisfied with their purchase, Lanos will refund or replace it.


A 2019 review

Indoor cycling has been shown to have numerous health benefits, according to a trusted source.

These benefits will be discussed in more detail below.

Does it

Exercise bikes allow users to work out at a high intensity, helping to burn fat and develop muscle.

On an exercise bike, a 30-minute intense workout can burn between 315 and 466 calories, depending on weight.

Fits better

Cardio activities can assist increase blood and oxygen flow. There are several health benefits to doing this, including a stronger immune system.

Internal training, or high-intensity interval training, can also aid improve fitness.

Low-impact workouts

Ditto for jogging and other high-impact aerobic exercises.

For this reason, it is helpful for those with joint injuries or arthritis.

Is it safe, easy, and affordable

Indoor riding has advantages over outside cycling. It’s safer than road riding because there’s no traffic, no pedestrians, and no risk of collisions or bad weather.

People with limited room may prefer a folding exercise bike that can be stored easily when not in use.

An exercise bike can be far cheaper than a gym subscription, starting at about $200.


Indoor cycling is not risk-free. For example, a saddle too low or too far forward can cause knee pain. Pedaling too hard might cause hurt or inflame the knee.

Handlebar palsy occurs when too much weight is placed on the hands instead of the lower body. Raising the handlebars relieves the wrists and hands. It may also help with back discomfort.

Previous research connected regular cycling to ED. Thousands of cyclists, swimmers, and runners were studied in 2018.

Why not use a treadmill

An elliptical or a rowing machine are effective alternatives to stationary exercise bikes that provide a terrific cardio workout and low strain on the joints. Both are available for home use.

Swimming and shadowboxing are two similar but less expensive exercises.


Stationary exercise bikes are a great technique to improve aerobic fitness and burn fat while avoiding joint stress.

The design, stability, and resistance levels of an exercise bike should all be considered while purchasing one.

Online, you may find affordable exercise bikes.

A rowing machine or an elliptical may be preferred by users who do not want to pedal indoors. These provide a great cardio workout that burns fat.