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5 Celebrities Who Aren’t the Age You Might Think:

Celebrities usually look much younger than they actually are, the main reason behind this is they are using Plastic surveys and LED light therapy. When you are putting their birth day in the how old am I, you may be amazed to learn some of them are in their late 60s and even 70s. Take an example of Madonna her date of birth is August 16, 1958, and she is around 63 years old. But look at her smartness and physique she is looking like a 20 years young woman. Celebrities are taking care of what they are eating and drinking along with taking care of their physical appearance. When you compare their physical appearance with your own, you may wonder how old am I ? The main reason people are getting older as compared to celebrities, is we are not taking care of our physique. This is the main reason some of these celebrities, do look younger than their actual age, and the chronological how old am I may depict their age. Whatever the reason celebrities especially from Hollywood do look much younger compared to their chronological age. How old am I may not be a good indicator to define the physical appearance of a celebrity. Google their date of birth and amazing things can be happening to your concept by reading the chronological age. The physical appearance is somehow depicting the age of celebrities.


In this article, we are discussing how celebrities are able to slow down their aging process as compared to the common person.


Jennifer Lopez:

Look at Jennifer Lopez, she is always looking smart and dancing and singing. She is around 51 years of age and when we are adding her date of birth is 24-July-1969. She is actually an older woman but enjoying her life as a young woman. On the other hand, people normally feel older in their 50’s. Actually maintaining their diet according to to set procedure make her one of the screaming celebrity in the World. Waiting for Tonight! Is remarkable but remember it was a millennium song released around 2000.

Tom Cruise:

Tom Cruise is one of the most wanted heroes in Hollywood. His actual Date of birth is 3-July-1962, and when you are putting his age in the age calculator. You would be amazed to learn he is around 60 years of age, and he is one of the hot celebrities around due to his physical appearance. It is actually quite amazing to learn about his age and his dramatic roles in the Tom Cruise series. Maintaining a healthy


Brad Pitt:

Brad Pitt has the most charming personality around and his physical appearance makes him look around 30 years old man but he is actually 58 years as his date of birth is 18-Dec-1963. He is looking ever younger and smarter and watches his movie Troy and you 

Tom Hanks:

Have you watched the movie Finch and Cast Away? Tom Hanks is around 66 years old and his date of birth is around  9-July-1956. It is the total commitment of man which makes him such a demanding celebrity. This makes him a hot pursuit for Hollywood and earns millions of dollars.

Johnny Depp:

John Christopher Depp is one of one the magical movie stars and celebrities, his  Date of birth is June-9-1963 is around 59 years old, and when we are inserting his age in the age calculator. What would you learn? He is an old Man but his role in the Caribbean series is outstanding. Running around the edges and moving around as a young man.



The age calculator is one of the simple methods of finding a person’s actual age. It is somehow little depicting what is their actual age and how their physical appearance is in the movies. Celebrities are professional and they are earning millions of dollars in months. They are actually taking care of their health and eating food according to their weight range. People are wondered how these people are actually performing their roles with such passion as young men. Ont the other hand, the audience loved their smartness due to their outstanding performance. It is just a professional approach to make themselves alive on the screen in the movies.