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3D house tours versus 3D preschool tours in Singapore

What are 3D tours?

Like a 360 virtual tour, a 3D tour lets prospective buyers get an idea of a location without actually being there. A 3D tour provides more of an animation feel to it than a virtual-walkthrough. For example, something in the space can move around, or you get a 360-degree perspective of a certain object within the space. A 3D tour can offer visual products far richer than what video or photography can capture. 3D house tours versus 3D preschool tours in Singapore.

A 360 virtual tour is like a slideshow that is made up of 360 panoramas. A 3D tour is also made up of 360 panoramas. However, they additionally offer 3D navigation and depth. This will make the user experience more of an immersive one. The navigation for a 3D tour lets users choose the virtual tour area they want to look at rather than being shown a video that they have to sit through.

During trying times like these, more and more businesses are coming up with methods to garner prospective buyers’ attention within their homes’ comfort. Two prominent industries that stand out are real estate and education. The real estate industry has always been hand-in-hand when it comes to virtual reality. This marketing strategy is popularly used by a few top real estate agencies in Singapore. Whereas in the education industry, it is slowly being adapted now that traditional marketing is fading. Both industries are using 3D tours to improve their marketing further and create new opportunities.

Benefits of 3D house tours in Singapore

A 3D house tour in the real estate industry can be highly advantageous for increasing buyer’s interest. House tours are usually done in-person traditionally, but this can be time-consuming from both the agent and the buyer’s end. With 3D virtual house tours, prospective buyers can view an in-depth and immersive virtual tour of the house without meeting with the agent. This aspect saves time and money from both ends and can meet with only serious buyers in the long-run. Thus, what are some of the points that the virtual tour real estate industry can benefit from? Let’s take a look.

  1. Initial impression.

In this digital age, where consumers spend most of their time making decisions through searches, a fully-equipped website that demonstrates a good first impression is vital. A real-estate agent markets most of their property online to reach a wider audience base. Therefore, unprofessional photography and bullet-point descriptions won’t do the trick anymore. It is recommended to impress your buyers with 3D virtual house tours.

  1. No need to visit the property.

Unlike a 360 virtual tour, 3D virtual house tours are made with cameras that have built-in infrared lasers that measure depth. This will make the 3D virtual house tours come to life and give you a 360-degree perspective and a 360 virtual tour.

  1. Put the 3D virtual house tours on any website.

When a 3D virtual house tour is made by a professional, the link of the 3D tour will be embeddable. This means that you are free to post the 3D virtual house tours on any of your webpages, such as a blog, or your social media platforms, etc. Having your 3D virtual house tours on more sources can increase your brand’s awareness.

  1. Stronger visual associations.

Stronger visual associations and a higher immersive experience will give prospective buyers more of an emotional connection. A 3D virtual house tour’s emotional response is important as they are the key factor to gaining customers interest. The 3D virtual house tour must be appealing enough to really catch the prospective clients’ eye. 

Real estate is an expensive industry. Moving house or apartment is not something that someone decided just to do daily. It is a big decision that requires time from the buyer to be ready to commit to. This means enhancing your strategy and developing 3D virtual house tours can really be worth the return of investment in the long-run.

Benefits of 3D preschool tours in Singapore

Another industry in Singapore that is gaining traction with virtual tours are preschools. Due to the Novel Coronavirus, preschools have adapted to the more modern forms of marketing. This includes 3D and virtual reality tours. Parents are making a big decision when deciding to enroll their children at a desired school. Just like buying a new house in the real estate industry, signing up at a new school can also be a major decision.

Preschools are starting to adapt to 3D virtual reality tours that can give parents more insight into the school’s facilities. Parents are not allowed to step foot on school grounds now due to Coronavirus. Therefore the preschools must have some form of marketing strategy built-in to keep parents interested.

What are some of the points of a 3D tour that preschools in Singapore can benefit from? Let’s take a look.

  1. Increase inquiries and viewings.

The 3D virtual tours will dramatically increase inquiries because it shows what parents are after, which are the school’s facilities. The 3D virtual tours will enable parents to see the little details of the facilities that they find is suitable for their child.

  1. Differentiate your educational institution.

A 3D virtual tour can highlight all features, facilities, and key points that make your school unique.

  1. 24/7 virtual opening day

3D virtual tours are installed online and accessible for parents to use at any time of the day. They are convenient for parents that do not have time during the day and would like to further research preschools when they do have the time.

  1. Website and social.

Adding your 3D virtual tour experience to all your websites and social media platforms will get you more brand recognition for your preschool. It is the best way to reach prospective contacts and immerse parents with an engaging, interactive, and fun way to view the school.

In summary

The 3D virtual reality tour technologies are a great way to introduce your service to prospective buyers from the convenience of their own time and home. 3D tours should be implemented in both the real estate and education industry in Singapore. During these trying times, these industries need to keep up-to-date with their marketing strategies.

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