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33 million litres of water being saved every day in Limerick

Every day, Irish Water’s national leakage reduction programme saves over 33 million litres of water – enough to fill 13 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

The improvements to the water supply were made by ShareRidge on behalf of Irish Water and Limerick City and County Council.

Two major obstacles were identified: the condition of the old and fragile water mains in the city and the construction of critical water infrastructure throughout the county.

Since 2018, nearly 22 km of water mains have been repaired or replaced.

“Reducing leakage requires detailed planning, collaboration, and coordination of several different work streams,” said Gerry O’Donnell, Asset Delivery Regional Lead for Irish Water.

Troubleshooting underground leaks That’s why we’re always working to improve water flow measurement systems.

“In Limerick, we are continuing to deliver a programme of works that reduces leakage. We also fix leaks on customers’ properties for free.

In 2020, the importance of a reliable water supply was emphasised due to increased public health awareness.

University Hospital Limerick gets its water from the watermains on St Nessan’s Road. Because this water main was old and had a history of bursting, it was targeted for replacement.

This project’s completion ensures a more reliable water supply for critical users now and in the future.

“A reliable water supply is critical to the hospitals day to day operation,” says John Heelan, Mechanical Services Officer at University Hospital Limerick. Water is required 24/7.

“The hospital’s water main frequently burst, leaving the hospital without water. “Having a safe and reliable water supply now means one less worry as they care for their patients,” Mr Heelan explained.